Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 54 - Brazil

Monday- We sent Sister Whipple off to Lucas...it was really sad. :( But after we went to the family night that we had planned. It was fun and everyone asked about her. 

Tuesday- I went back to the doctor to show him my ultrasound results and he said that there was a lot of gas in my stomach so he gave me some medicine to take and told me to come back in 2 weeks. Then after that we went and visited Marli and Armando! :)

Wednesday- We had a district meeting, it was fun! WE now have 10 people in our district!! Then after lunch we went to do some visits but NO ONE was home!!!! We even went to their houses twice!! But we managed ​to find one person so we taught her and then we did some contacts and taught them and then we went to a family night at Luzia's house. 

Th​ursday- We did contacts again.....we found this girl named Alexandra and we taught her about the restoration. She is really​ awesome! She said that she really likes us. :) ​A mission isn't all about making friends but it really makes you feel good when you know that they like you. :) After that we went to the church and taught an English class to Armando and Marli. :)
Friday- ​We literally spent ALL day doing contacts!!! It was VERY tiring!!!! We went to every house on this road...... 

Saturday- Today we visited with inactive members and then went to the church for the English class. :) 

Sunday- Mother's Day!!!! :D And we had a fun experience at church when 2 missionaries from this new church called A Igreja Adventista Renovada Laodiceia. They came in because Bishop invited them when they stopped by his house and started talking bad about our church and then Bishop told them that he is a member and bishop of that church and invited them to come and see for themselves how it is. So they did...and we started talking to them and they asked a lot of questions....they were really interested in the temple.....so we were careful what we told them but explained about temples to them. Then they tried to talk about their church with us....they said that the only thing they eat that comes from animals is eggs, and they don't eat sugar.....they are basically vegetarians to the extreme.....it was an interesting time.....

Sister Emma Marion


Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 53 - Brazil

Tuesday- So my stomach started hurting again so I went back to the Dr. He had me take some antiparasite medicine and he ordered for me to get an ultrasound done.
Wednesday- So we went early in the morning to get my ultasound done and they didn't find really anything but they did find a kidney stone.....I'm not sure if its the same one from before or not.....but its a bit bigger than the other one was. But next week I have to go back to the Dr. and show him my results from the ultrasound and we'll see what happens....
Thursday- We had a district meeting today and we played this game called amigo da onça...it's like secret santa but you get like bad gifts.....hehe. Well the Elder I choose started his misison before me but I will be going home first so I got him an airplane haha, Sister Whipple got an elder a clock of the soccer team that is his team's rival, and Sister Frietas got an Elder that is always sleeping so she bought him a pillow and I helped draw pictures of him sleeping, eating and sleeping, and reading Jesus, the Christ and sleeping (he has been trying to finish that book for 2 yrs....) on the pillow. :) Then I got an elder that isn't really creative.....so he gave me a toothbrush.....and Sister Freitas got a broken zipper tie.....but Sister Whipple got the most creative gift ever!!! She got a baby chick. Yeah....crazy right!!! So we have had a baby chick living under our kitchen sink for a few days now......we have a member to give it to but she lives kind of far away so we haven't had time to get it to her. But the chicks name is Joana. She's cute.
Friday- We went on splits today with a young woman named Fernanda. Her sister is serving a mission in São Paulo. So she went with me and we tried to do contacts but man was no one home!!! But we managed to find some people!! Then we went back to the church and found the other sisters and we went and taught an English class at the church for a member and her nonmember husband because they can't come on Saturdays!! It was cool. :) But man have I forgotten English!!! :(

Saturday- We taught another English class today for everyone else and then we went to stake conference. :)
Sunday- We had stake conference again. Then afterwards President Reber gave me a blessing and then he took us home and we went to lunch then after lunch we went to visit with Ana and after that we had a ward council meeting and then after that we went home and made tacos!! Then we got the transfer call.... I will be staying here with Sister Freitas and Sister Whipple will be going to a city called Lucas do Rio Verde it is here in Mato Grosso but its about 4-5 hours away. :( I'm really going to miss her!!!
Sister Emma Marion

Sister Marion & Sister Freitas

Sister Whipple & Sister Marion: at the Lan House
(5/5/14- Last pic together as companions!)

Beautiful Brasil