Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 52 - Brazil

Tuesday- We went and visited with Ana. She is really awesome!!! And she told us that she already knows that the Book of Mormon is true!!!  It was really awesome. But then when we left it started raining REALLY hard and Sister Freitas left her umbrella at Ana and her husband gave us a ride home and we grabbed the umbrella but when we left the house the street was already starting to flood, but off we went. But the further out we got the harder it started to rain and then we realized that Sister Freitas had a hole in her umbrella and she was getting soaked. So we stopped at a member's house until the rain calmed down....but then it was time to go home.....
Wednesday- We did contacts all day!!! We got 10!
Thursday- So while we were at lunch today we got a call from an investigator asking for us to come over today. (She was recently abused by her husband.) So we went over and talked to her about the gospel of Christ. She accepted baptism!!! Then we invited her to go with us to a welcome home party for a returning sister! Her name is Tania and she served in London, England!! She is really sweet!! I like her!
Friday- So we had lunch at home today and we decided to dye my hair blonde!! :o  It was shocking to see!!! But after that we went and visited with this lady named Valiera. She was baptized when she was 15 but we aren't sure if her name was removed or not....because her visiting teachers came over when she was married and she said that she was really interested in coming back....but she wants us now to talk with her husband so we made another appointment.

Saturday- We went on splits today Sister Freitas went with Taina and I went with Sister Whipple....and NO ONE was home!!! Or they didn't want us to talk to them. It was sad.
Today it was the same thing!!! Only the members let us in!!! :( Sometimes. Life is really hard. :/
Monday- Today we went with President and Sister Reber and all of the sisters in Cuiabá to the waterfalls. It was really fun! We took lots of pictures! :)


Sister Emma Marion
Trying a new hair color! (see Friday entry)

P-day at the waterfalls (see Monday entry)

Sisters Marion, Freitas, Whipple

Sister Freitas' broken umbrella (see Tuesday entry)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 51 - Tijucal, Brazil

Tuesday- So we had a division today. Sister Whipple and Sister Freitas went to Morada da Serra with Sister Kimball and I stayed in Tijucal with Sister Silva. It was a really good day...but it didn't last very long because they are doing a lot of construction work in the city we had to leave earlier to switch back so we could get back in time to go to a family night at an inactive member's house! So we all met at the mission office and then we went to our family was really great! And then when we went home Sister Whipple and I decided to have a water fight!! Hehe It was super fun! :)
Wednesday- After lunch today we went to a big store (basically Sam's Club) and then we went back home and made chocolate Easter eggs to give to some members to thank them for helping us. :) Here in Brazil one big Easter tradition is you get a chocolate Easter egg. :)

Thursday- We went on splits. Sister Whipple went with me and Sister Freitas went with a member. So Sister Whipple and I just did contacts and we found this lady named Ana, and she accepted a baptism date!! :D

Friday- So today we visited a girl named Oyukane. Her parents are Brazilian but she was born in
Japan. She is really sweet and we aught her and her mom and they both agreed to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. :)
So we decided to try and have an English class here in Tijucal! So we went to the LAN House and made invites and then we went back home and I helped Sister Whipple make a language study plan.
Sunday- So today was super great!! We had a sign up sheet for the English class and a LOT of people signed up!! :D And we told the members to bring friends!! So we are expecting a great turnout! Then after lunch we went to some nearby member's houses and we sang 'I know that my Redeemer Lives' and then shared our testimonies and prayed and then we thanked them for all of their help and gave them chocolate eggs!!! It went so well and we felt so great! It was really spiritual!! :)
Monday- We slept in and then did a deep clean on the house and then we tried to go to the LAN house but because it is a holiday it was closed, so we went to the Bishop's house and used his!!

Sister Emma Marion
I asked Emma what brought on the water fight. She simply said, "the heat!"
Water Fight (see Tuesday entry)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 50 - Brazil

Tuesday-  So we got to teach our gas station ladies! It was really awesome!! Josi is really wanting to put her life in order and I felt so great because I could see that I really was helping her!!  

Wednesday- So we bassically spent all day doing contacts. But before that we finally divided the area in 2. It really helps a lot so that you can have a better idea of things. Actually I have been quoting Mawmaw lately...hehe..... "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" 

Thursday- So. Today we got a phone call form Elder Leão saying that we were being transferred to Tijucal to be in a trio with Sister Freitas. It was really sad news. I love Cuiabá so much!!! But I trust President Reber and if he think that we are needed in Tijucal then "I'll go where you want me to go!" (Tijucal in still in the Cuiabá 40 minutes from where I was.) And I got my PACKAGE!!! :D

Friday- So we arrived in Tijucal in the morning and we just basically met members. It was really great!! The members here are super funny!! I really like them. :) And they really like Sisters here!! 

Saturday- So after lunch we visited a few inactive members and the last one that we visited I really learned something really important. There are so many people inactive because of gossip. And then when they try to come back everyone looks at them and the feel like people are talking and judging them. This is the biggest problem that we see. Pride and Judging. It is so sad to see people embarrassed to go to church because they know that people with talk about them. That night I made a heavenly food: TACOS!!!!!! <3 It was soooo good!!! Sister Freitas loved them!!! haha! :)
(We sent corn tortillas and Taco Bell seasoning in Emma's most recent package!)

Sunday- After lunch we had Sister Whipple's language study and then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and then we went to a member's house for her daughter's birthday party! :) 

Monday- So we had an Elder's birthday party today- Bar-b-que, birthday cake and soccer!!! Haha BRASIL!!

Sister Emma Marion
Sister Whipple, Sister Marion, Sister Freitas, Sister Kimball

Birthday party for an elder (see Monday entry)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 49 - Training in Cuiaba

Monday- So today I got to basically do my new favorite thing......FAMILY HISTORY!!!! :D I helped an Elder (from Dallas) learn how to use Family Search so we did his family history! It was awesome!!! I felt the Spirit so strong!! I know that there were happy people in heaven!!!! :) And we listened to this 

Tuesday- So today we had a training with the new missionaries and then one for the trainers. It was really good!! And then I got my new companion!! Her name is Sister Whipple! She is from Blanding, Utah and she served one transfer in New Jersey. :)She is super awesome!!

Wednesday- We had to go to the Federal Police to register her with Brazil. Then we tried to go back to the doctor to show him my results....but he wasn't seeing patients so we went back to the office and the Elders gave her her training because her plane got in later and so she didn't get it with everyone else. 

Thursday- So today we really DID see the doctor. He said I'm fine. He thinks it was like an infection with a short life span and because I'm feeling better he thinks it's gone. THen after that we went to the gas station to get food and we talked with the two chashiers and we ended up teaching them there un the gas station about the Book of Mormon and gave them each one. :) It was really awesome! They are really wanting to learn but they work a lot. One of them, Josi, actually works two we will probably be talking more with Dasi. 

Friday- So today was a lot better. We had a lot more time so we worked alot. We don't have an Area Book or anything yet so we are basically starting from scratch. So we went and did contacts. But becasue we are in the city there is a lot of apartment buildings....which are really hard to get into because they only let you in if you know someone......please pray for us that we can get in!!! :/ 

Saturday- CONFERENCE!!!! So fun conference we had lunch early with a member but because lunch ran late we stayed with them to watch the 1st session and they said that Sister Whipple and I could watch in English.....but then the other computer wasn't picking up the I decided to watch in Portuguese and let Sister Whipple watch on his phone in she was watching and everything and she looked into it. So everyone was happy for her! But then when we left and went to the church to watch the other session she told me that the member had her on youtube to watch conference and he actually just typed in "general conference" and then the first talk he saw.....little did we all know (because she didn't say anything) he was just clicking on random conference talks from various years!!! She wasn't watching the right conference!!! But when we got to the church we watched in English. :)
Sunday- CONFERENCE PART 2!!! So to go to conference our ward rented a bus and we all went together and the Relief Society made lunch for the ward and while on the bus we all started singing hymns! It was super fun! And then we all had a yummy lunch together and then after conference we all went home on the bus and we sang again!! It was awesome!! :)

Monday- SO this morning we started washing hand....again.....because the faucet is too small to connect it to the washing machine so we need to buy an adaptor. So I just started washing. And then halfway through the Elders asked to borrow our blender and so when I gave it to them they asked why I was wet and I told them about the clothes and they were like "oh wait! I think we have one of those at our house!" and they did! SO we put it all together and now we are washing clothes the lazy way!! :D But then we cleaned the laundry room because the elders left it REALLY dirty! We felt productive!! Haha!
Sister Emma Marion
Sister Whipple and Sister Marion

Pondering at the "Bus Stop of Life"

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