Monday, December 30, 2013

Brazil - Week 35

Tuesday- First off I taught Sister Gonçalves "Christmas Eve Gift." Hehe ;) Then the Relief Society president invited us and the Elders over to her house for a Christmas Eve family home evening and dinner! It was really great! President had opened the night (if we were with members and had a ride home) so we didn't have a bed time!! Woo hoo!! ;) Yeah we stayed with them until 12am......we were really tired. :( But it was really fun! 

Wednesday- CHRISTMAS!!!! We had lunch far away but then we went to Iolanda's house(relief society pres) and Sister Gançalves called her family then we went to Kelson's house and used Skype!!! :D But I had such a headache afterwards so we went home and SLEPT!!!! Haha that was our Christmas!! ;)
(I asked Emma why she had a headache after talking to us. She said because she had to concentrate so much on speaking English! - Cindy)

Thursday- We had weekly planning then we visited the mom of a member, Inêz. She was really excited that there is Sisters here again but she "doesn't have time" to go to church.....but she is really nice. and we planned a service project at her house for Saturday!

Friday- We had a district meeting it was fun! We had to find chocolate! Haha!! Then after lunch all of our appointments fell through and Sister Gonçalves felt like we should visit with Luci-mar because she wasn't at church we went and helped out there and talked to her and she said that she will come to church Sunday!!

Saturday- We visited with this really nice family, Jonie, Rosie, Talita, Talis, and Thaigo. They are really great. Only problem is Jonie likes to drink and doesn't think there is a reason for him to stop. But they made us dinner and we talked and he said that he would go to church if we went to his......ugh. We explained that we didn't want to and now I don't think he will come....

Sunday- So we gave a last minute lesson at church....Kelson told us to teach what we have been studying....welllll we have been studying the Law of we taught that!! Haha! And Luci-mar and Jeanny came to church!! It was really great!! :) After church we spent all night doing contacts with Erika, she is preparing to serve a mission!! :D

Monday- We got my package!!!! :D Thanks everyone soooo much!! I loved it!! <3 Y'all are the best!!! :)
Sister Emma Marion
Bookmark given to the missionaries from President & Sister Reber for Christmas

Christmas decorations made of bottles, in the local park

Emma titled this "Christmas present to ME"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brazil - Week 34

Monday- We practiced our skit. Its going to be great!!! :)

Tuesday- CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE!!! :D It was soo much fun!! We started out with a short training about using the Book of Mormon and the importance of our investigators having a testimony of the BoM. Then we recited our scriptures(I read D&C 121:7 in Portuguese it reads "Meu filho, paz seja tua alma. Teu adversidade e teus aflições não durão mais de que um momento." in English "My son, peace be unto your soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment.") after that we gave the pictures of our baptisms and they put them on the wall and then we did our skits! It was super fun!! After that we went to the restaurant next door and had lunch! When we finally got home it was late so we updated our area book. 

Wednesday- We had a split today. Sister Gonçalves went to Coxipo with Sister Carvalho and I stayed here with Sister Clark(she is from Idaho). It was great! We taught this lady who owns an ice cream shop (yes I bought ice cream too ;) ). Her name is Demaris. It was an awesome lesson!! We previously gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she tried to read but she needs glasses but her husband is reading it!! We are really excited!! 

Thursday- We did our weekly planning and then we visited a new investigator and we met her "husband" (I use " " because they really aren't married legally....) and her friend who lives there and her "husband". It was cool but she works at a grocery store called Bom Jesus and with Christmas her hours are crazy so its going to be hard to visit with her....but she seems interested....then when we got home Edilaine gave us a chocolate chip Panetone!! ITS SO GOOD!! :)

Friday- 9 MONTHS!!!!! :D We celebrated by doing contacts!!! It was actually really awesome! We found this family (who are legally married!!!!!) and they are pretty interested in learning!! So we just talked with them and answered their questions and we will go back later and actually teach them!! Their names are Jairo and Kélyce (Kelsey) and they have two daughters! We also got a referral a from the Stake President whose name is Maria das Dores (or Dora) so we went and visited her and she is super awesome and already loves the church and the book of mormon but she isn't baptized yet because her husband needs some help accepting the church. So we've got some work to do!! 

Saturday- So I had a bit of a cold today so we actually spent most of the day at home so I could sleep. But that night (after taking cold medicine and sleeping all day) I felt a lot better so we went to the ward christmas dinner! It was really fun!! They started out with a christmas spiritual message and then we ate!

Sunday- So after church we spent just about all day at home studying and finishing this "puppet show" to teach the plan of slavation to the children that were recently baptzed! But then we had an appointment with a new investigator and ended up using it for her! It was cute!! :) I'll send pictures of it next week!!

Monday- I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON AGAIN!!! This book really is the BEST book I have EVER read!!!! And as everyone knows I LOVE to read!! :) 
Sister Emma Marion
First present

First present = yummy loaf of chocolate bread

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brazil - Week 33

Monday- we went to the stake center to practice our skit. It is going to be AWESOME!! I will try and get a video of it!! will all be in Portuguese.....haha! I just think it is SO cool that I speak a second language!! Its crazy!! BUT we then went back home and did a service project for the members in front. Its a good thing mom and dad had me wrap presents so much at Christmas time because I used that talent and I also helped make origami paper boxes to use! ;)

Tuesday- So today we went in search of inactive mission age/almost mission age young men. We weren't able to talk with any but we will try again later. Then at 5:30we made an appointment with Marcelo and Rafael (2 members) at our old house for them to take apart our closets and bring them to our new house and put them back together! They ACTUALLY showed up at like 7:30/ was sad and wasted our day. BUT now we have closets and I can stop living in my suitcase!! haha! 

Wednesday- We went to another neighborhood in search of these young men and found a woman named Dalva. She is super awesome and agreed to be baptized!! :D But we have some work to do with her because she doesn't want to be baptized without her husband but he is never home.... :/ So we're prayin' and doing all we can! 

Thursday- We did another service project for the members in was coloring so no biggie there!! XD But after luch we went back home and did weekly planning!! We then got Railson (13yr old member here...he's already preparing for a mission haha) to do contacts with is. It was great!! He loved it! He was so excited!! :) 

Friday- So we tried to have lessons today but on one was home!!! :( But we found 1 inactive young man named Eduardo. It was good to visit with him, I hope he comes back. He needs the good influence of the church....he has already been to juvie....but after that we went to visit Luci-mar and Jeanny and we ended up staying there for a while and washed her dishes so Jeanny could take care of the baby and Luci-mar take care of them both. But we did get 8 contacts in today! :D

Saturday-We went to the end of the world today.... xP To walk there its like 3 hours. The neighborhood is called Unipark. But it was longer today because we went to another place first adn didn't know how to get there so logically we got lost and went the long way....but we finally found it!! But most of our day was walking. 

Sunday- So we visited with this new investigator named Rita today and her 2 kids. It was great! Thye really want to learn and visit the church. Rita needs to get married first but she wants to be baptized. THat is actually the biggest problem one get married. They just live 50 yrs together and call it marriage! But it is actually expencive to get married. Its like R$248.....($107.18) and the day you pay it all you have to wait 35 days and then you can get married on the first friday or saturday. 0.o Its crazy here! 

Sister Emma Marion

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brazil - Week 32

Monday- So we went to the stake center with our zone and we ate pizza and planned what we will do for the Christmas Conference talent show. It was great we decided on doing a "play" about 2 elders at Christmas time having a hard time and then in the end the dress up like Santa and sneak into their investigators house and leave them Christmas presents! Its going to be REALLY funny!!! :) Then when we got back to work we did contacts and we found this kid named Elder. 0.o But he's really cool and they want to learn about the church!!! 

Tuesday- We met a new family, Alexandra and Jonny! They have 2 daughters and a son! They are super awesome!! We actually stayed talking to them for 2 hours......but it turned out to be a great blessing because they already trust us and we know better what they need and how to work with them! We are so excited to visit with them again!! :) We then went to do contacts with a member and that turned out to be a waste of time....because she was scared to talk and she brought her boyfriend with her....who is leaving soon for a was complicated...

Wednesday- So we marked an appointment but it fell through so we went to visit with Luci-mar and Jeanny and we ended up staying there all day helping out with the household chores because Jeanny still can't do much and Luci-mar is just as tired as Jeanny because she gets up at night to help with the baby so we helped her do laundry, wash dishes, and iron clothes. It was an all day thing but it was great!!

Thursday- So we had our mission tour today!!! It was GREAT!! I learned a lot and it was fun! Elder Gavarret was the area 70 there! He's awesome! We didn't get a chance to take pictures because a lot of people had to catch the bus but Sister Reber took pictures of every one's zone so she should post them on her blog one of these days.... :)

Friday- So we did our weekly planning today because of the mission tour Thursday. But then that night there was a church dance that they wanted us to help with so we went and got a new investigator out of it!! :D Her name is Josiane and she has a daughter named Clara! They are really sweet and Josiane told us that her door is always open to us...lets just hope that her heart is too!! ;)

Saturday- We went to the end of our area today to visit with an inactive member who's husband recently had surgery. It was good to talk to her and we are hoping that we can help her get back to church!! She has been inactive for 8 months. :( We then went to the church for a baby shower. We actually were in charge of the we drew little people and hid them in the church and had the ladies find them and who ever found the family that matched Eliliane's family (only a mom, dad and a baby) won. So we made little certificates that said "Worlds Greatest Mom for finding an eternal family" (but if they weren't a mom yet we gave her on that said in the future). And we read Alma 56:47 with them;
"Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the 
liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their 
mothersthat if they did not doubt, God would deliver them."
It was really great! :) There was one lady that cried!! :D Haha you know its a great lesson when someone starts crying!! 

Sunday- So when we got to church we hung up a poster that had a picture of our baptisms in the ward and we wrote "Referrals bring baptisms" and then under the picture we wrote out
D&C 84:110 "Also the body hath need of every memberthat all may be edified together, 
that the system may be kept perfect." and we left a space where they can write their referrals. We are hoping that this will bring some results..... :/ We then went back home and finished our weekly planning and had personal study!! 


Sister Emma Marion


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brazil - Week 31

Tuesday- So today we visited with Danilo and then Eunezi. The only problem with Danilo now is we are thinking that he is using again. Its really sad. 

Wednesday- So today we got this member, Erica(who is preparing to serve a mission), and we went to this place.....its like a park but there isn't really any grass or toys for kids to play on.....BUT we went there and we did contacts and passed out BoMs and pamphlets about the restoration and Gospel of Christ and the plan of salvation. We left with 12 addresses and 7 lessons!! 

Thursday- We did weekly planning and then visited with this new investigator, Isabel, and her family. Turns out that she has a daughter who lives in Spain and found the Elders there but never had time to visit with them because she was coming here. At the same time in Brazil her mom told us to come back the next week because her daughter would be here!! It was so destiny for her to talk with the missionaries!! So we taught her the 1st lesson and we will teach her as much as we can before she goes back to Spain and then we will let the elders there know where to find her and what is need to get baptized!! :)

Friday- So today we had one of the best lessons!! We found this lady Wednesday and she really wanted us to visit and so we did today and turns out she is like Joseph Smith!!! Really confused about which church to join!! So when we were teaching her we focused more on Joseph and compared him to her. It was so spiritual that Sister Gonçalves cried....and then Luciana did too!! 

Saturday- We visited with an inactive member, Palmira. It actually took us a little over an hour to find this lady's road. It was SUPER frustrating!!! We almost quit but we were so mad that the anger actually gave us the determination to find the road. Then it started raining. And we left our umbrellas at home. So we were angry, tired, and wet. BUT then we found it!! So we talked with her and then left for our other appointment....which fell we went with plan B. His name is Paulo and he is a pastor....BUT he was sleeping because he prayed all night we talked with his "friend" who is a missionary for ANOTHER church but is staying with Paulo. So we talked with him and gave him a BoM. It was actually good. He really liked when we quoted the bible and I knew the reference correctly. ;) Thank you seminary!! 

Sunday- We helped Luci-Mar work on her family tree on familysearch it was great!! I really love family history!! We then had a ward council meeting and then we were doing contacts after and we met this kid named Elder.....yeah seriously his name is legally Elder and no he isn't a member...yet. ;) But him and his family are super great!! We are really excited to teach them!! They already agreed to go to church Sunday!! We then needed one more lesson with a member so we went home and called an ex-investigator, Adrielle. And we just talked a bit with her and then we passed the phone to João Pedro(he is a member of another ward but his girlfriend lives in the house in front of ours) and he started talking a bit with her and then he just marked her to be baptized this next Sunday!!!! :o So lets see next week what will happen!! :)
Sister Emma Marion

Monday, November 25, 2013

Brazil - Week 30

Monday- So tonight we visited with Grizielle! (For those who don't remember her she is an inactive member whose  kids want to be baptized but their dad won't let them and won't let her or the kids go to church.) It was a good visit we were hoping he would be there so we could talk to him and see why he won't let them go to church. But he left before we got there. :/ We then visited with a new investigator, Mari Leide. She is the daughter of Maria dos Anjos and has a brother who is a member in another city. After talking with her a while she actually agreed to be baptized on 12/8!!

Tuesday-   So today Sister Gonçalves woke up sick with a sore throat and a slight fever so we stayed home which was good because we got a call that night saying that we will be moving the next day to a better house that is behind a members house!! So we packed up our stuff!! We then got a call from Luci-mar saying that Jeanny(her pregnant daughter) fell on her belly and is now in the hospital. What happened was Monday night the police went to the bar by their house and started shooting (apparently this is common.......) so Jeanny and Luci-Mar started running to get inside the house and Jeanny fell and landed on her belly. So as soon as it was safe they got Luciano(Luci-mar's son because Luci-mar doesn't know how to drive) and got the neighbor's car (because Luci-mar's husband drove the car to work) and drove her to the hospital where they realized that she has been losing the fluid that protects the baby and he can only stay in her belly for a maximum of 4 more days. 

Wednesday- So we moved today to the new house!! IT IS GREAT!! Its perfect for missionaries!! Its small but has everything we need!! Only problem is our We got a call from an inactive member that we don't know who said that she has a neighbor that needs us and for us to come to her house the next night to visit with him. 

Thursday-So we went to the inactive member(Eunézi)'s house and turns out that this kid's name is Danilo and he is 21 and he has been snorting crack since he was 13 and wants to stop. So the only thing I could think of to help him was the technique in the missionaries and members book, commitment to Christ to stop smoking. So we tried it out! We sang a hymn and then just talked to him about the love our father in heaven and Jesus Christ have for him and committed him to stop for 24hrs and we would visit him the next day. We also gave him the photo of Christ in the gospel of Christ pamphlet and told him that every time he had a desire to smoke just look at the picture and remember the love our savior has for him and if that isn't enough to call us and we can help him through the urge. We later learned that he did just that-minus the calling part. His mother told Eunézi that all night long he was looking at the picture then praying and repeating until he could finally go to sleep. And Jeanny had a c-section today and took baby Matheus out. He was born 3 weeks early but he is healthy and fine....just small. Like none of his clothes fit him right. :)

 Friday- After lunch we bought a new stove!! :D Our old one wasn't working right but this new one is awesome and we should be getting it Monday or Tuesday!! :D We then visited with Danilo again and the 2nd councilor in the bishopric, Kelson, went with us and gave him a blessing!! Danilo also said that he will go to church Sunday!! :D 

Saturday- So all of our appointments fell through except one. His name is Davis and we taught him and his friend Lucas about the restoration. It went really well and Davis agreed to be baptized!!! :D We then went and taught an English class but the only people that showed up were Davis and Lucas...:/ But they loved it!! Its so cool to teach people a second language!! I still can't believe I know a second language now....@.@

Sunday- So this morning we got a call from Eunézi saying that her car died and her and Danilo don't have a way to get to church so we got the Patriarch to drive us there and get them. Its a good thing we did because he was our only investigator at church today. :( We then went back home to study and then we visited with Luci-Mar and Jeanny and Matheus!! He is super cute!! :) 
Sister Emma Marion
Moving to a new apartment (see Wednesday entry)

The "divas" at a Relief Society activity

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brazil- Week 29

Monday- so today after emailing we bought french fries and took them home where we put cheese on top and had a yummy lunch!! XD Then we took naps!! :D

Tuesday- We walked to a neighborhood (Jardim Maringá ) that is 1 hour away () and meet with this 19yr old boy and taught him the 1st lesson (restoration) then we walk 15 more minutes and visited with Cleodinice and taught her about the gospel of Christ. She really wants to be baptized but she needs to get married first... :/ That is one common problem here. People don't get married...they just live together for 20 yrs!!! 

Wednesday- So we went back to Jardim Maringá and visited with this lady, Italá. She is really great....but needs to get married..... ugh. We finished our visits early and decided to do contacts. After a brief discussion about which neighborhood we went to Cohab Cristo Rei. While we were there this guy stopped us and said "Hi sisters! I am a member from the Lucas ward. Do you have some time to talk right now?" So we told him yes and he said to follow him. So we did and he started explaining to us that earlier that morning his mom (Maria dos Anjos) told him that the only church she will agree to be baptized in is the Mormon church and if he can find the missionaries she will talk to them. It was pure inspiration that we decided to go to Cohab Cristo Rei that day and we are really glad that we did!! I'm really glad to know that we are worthy to receive these spiritual promptings that are helping families. This lady has 12 kids and only 1 is a member....because we were worthy and listening we can help save 13 souls!  After that we visited with a new investigator, Nailsi. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and how she can see her son (who dies when he was 6) again. And I actually did a service project there. I sewed her granddaughter's backpack straps to the bag again. Thank you mommy and grandmothers for teaching me how to sew!! It really made them really happy and I sewed it back really tight so it will stay longer. :)

Thursday- We visited with Zeferino again and taught about the 10 commandments and actually threw his coffee in the trash!!! (With his permission of course.) We then visited with Luci-Mar and then Maria Oneide. They were all good visits! Then we finished our weekly planning. :)

Friday- We had a district meeting today. It was really great!! We talked about the wrong assumptions that people have about the church and how we can teach them the right doctrine. He did this by have the sisters on one team and the elders on the other and he gave us a question and we had one minute to thinnk of a responce and find a scripture to support our answer. If we got it right we got a point if we got it wrong he threw a cap full of water in our faces. It was a lot of fun!! But in the end we lost and each elder got a turn throwing water in our faces....luckily it was hot out....hehe!! We then visited with Maria dos Anjos and talked about the restoration some more. She then fed us dinner!! :)

Saturday- So this morning I made a puzzle out of cardboard and a picture of Christ to explain better about without the Priesthood we don't have the complete picture. It turned out really great!! Then we went to Luci-mar's house and did 2 service projects!!! 1) Sister Gonçalves helped her learn how to make bread, and 2) I helped Jeanny organize her room and the baby clothes for when Matheus is born it will be a lot easier for her. :) I LOVED IT!!! I organized the baby clothes by type (ie. with sleeves/with out, onesie/shirt, ect.) and by color! :)

Sunday- We just had a day of contacts after church. A new member, Marcia (the bishop's mom) went with us! It was really cool!! We ended the day with 6 lessons with members!!! :)

Monday- So this morning I finished reading 'Our Search for Happiness'. It was really great!!! I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!! :) 

Sister Emma Marion

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brazil - Week 28

Tuesday- We got a call from our Zone Leaders asking for us to try and get 2 baptisms for Sunday. We were really surprised!! And kind of stressed out a bit but we were actually in the church getting water and so we went in to the chapel and prayed about which people should be baptized this Sunday. And we felt that the 3 children of Rosangela were ready and able to be baptized this Sunday. So we went and visited with them and talked to them about this experience we had and they agreed!!! :D So we will have 3 baptisms this week!!! 

Wednesday- Today was SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! And yes mother I used sunscreen today. ;) But yeah we went to visit our new investigator, Ivanil, who lives 1 hour away. It was great!! Her daughter-in-law was there and when we pulled out the picture of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist she got really excited and started saying "John the Baptist!! Oh how great is that!!" It was kind of funny!! We went to visit an new investigator Zeferino with the Patriarch and this guy is like REALLY bad off. Like he really is only alive because of Heavenly Father's plan. Like really 20 yrs ago he got an electrical shock of 30,000 and got thrown really far away and broke his legs and skull and he is still alive. He is just paralyzed from the waist down. And he lives alone and washed his own clothes and cleans the house and everything! But he knows the importance of baptism and agreed to be baptized. We just need to mark a date!! We then went home and worked on our weekly planning and then we visited with Eva! We watched the Restoration video. Its really great!! There really was the Spirit there during the film. Because it really happened!! Everything! From Joseph Smith seeing God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ to translating the Book of Mormon. Its all true! I know that 100%. 

Thursday- We had the baptismal interviews of the kids. It went really well!! We then finished our weekly planning and then had a family night with Luci-Mar and watched the video Together Forever. It was cute. And I think it helped her family think about what they really want. and if they want the blessings that only come after baptism in the Savior's church with His authority.

Friday- We visited again with Ivanil and Claydinice (her daughter-in-law) and we actually got to mark a date for Ivanil's baptism!! Our goal is for the 24th of November!!! It was a good day!! 

Saturday- We went with a member to visit this referral that lives 3 hours away from our house. Luckly this member, Edilane, has a car!! it was really cool but turns out that this lady hasn't lived in this house for 8 yrs....but her mom lives there and we talked with her and gave her a Book of Mormon!! we then went to the church for the baptism!!!! :D Yay!! It was great! They were soo happy!! The came out of the water smiling!! :) After the baptism we have a relief society activity!! It was the BEST!! It was about self worth and they had like a mini fashion show that they asked SIster Gonçalves and I to participate was great!! And they had people doing makeup and we have a member in our ward who is a psychiatrist and she talked about self esteem. It was just really fun! 

Sunday- We went to visit with Zeferino again and he accepted the baptism date 11-24!! and then we went with the Primary president to visit with Marciel. It was great! He is an awesome kid....but I still think he has ADD......and then after that we were working like normal trying to do contacts and we passed the main road and in the middle there was this giant van for "Caravana Mato Grosso" and we were like "Hey I wonder if they would let us use the microphone to ask this big group of people if they want to learn about the gospel??" So we went over and asked and they were like "Yeah we don't have time for that but what you're doing is so awesome we'll do an interview with you instead!!" So they interviewed us, they just asked questions about what we're doing here and what's our message. So we just did a contact like normal but with a camera recording it....It was so great and we told them that if they want to learn about the gospel find the 2 young men walking around with social clothes and name tags, they are called Elders, and they can help you or the young women, called sisters. It was a great oppurtunity and we are so happy we took this chance. They told us that this will be sent out to all of Mato Grosso, which we are thinking includes Mato Grosso do Sul. :) Which is our whole mission! We feel really cool. :)
Sister Emma Marion
3 baptisms with Elder Wright from Idaho Falls (see Tuesday entry)

Month 7

walking in the rain!

P-day with sisters and President: Overlooking the city of Cuiaba

It's summer in Brazil! (see Wednesday entry)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brazil - Week 27

Tuesday- So today we had a split with Sister Carvalho and Sister Clark. I went with SIster Carvalho to her area called Coxipo. It was super great but I missed my area!!! 

Wednesday- We visited with Eva our dear new friend!! And she said that she would go to church with us this week!! :D We then visited with the cousin of a returned missionary, Mike(RM), his name is Iam Ceaser.....yeah seriously thats the kids name...but it was good. We talked to him about the correct form of baptism and recieving the Holy Ghost. Which is the form that says in the bible. It was a good lesson. We then were accidently part of a visiting teaching lesson when we went to a members house to teach her nonmember husband. But all is welll all is welll!!! :)

Thursday- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We spent just about all day in our house doing weekly planning! XP But it was a good planning session!! :) But when we left the house a black cat ran in front of Sister Goncçalves!!!! 8o I told her she needs to be careful because she will fall on the ground now because of the bad luck but she didn't believe me...

Friday- So today after lunch (which was an at home meal)  Sister Gonçalves was walking barefoot to the kitchen and slipped on some water that was on the ground (without our knowledge)! I told her this would happen! (See Thursday)  ;) But we then visited with Luci-Mar and then a new investigator, Ariele. She is 20 and really cool. She really wants to know if this church is true or not. After that we visited with Dalva (our friend that sells icecream) and talked to her about the church. :) It was good! 

Saturday- so today we visited with a member Jackline and her nonmember husband André and talked top him about the church.....he is really closed minded. But then we visited with Rosangela and she said that she would go to church...we'll see.....she doesn't really seem very interested...BUT after that we passed by a memvber's house and she gave us some new clothes!!!! Well new for us....but I got some new shirts!! They are cute!! And Sister Gonçalves got new skirts!! :)

Sunday- Sooooo Rosangela went to church...and after sacrament she agreed to be baptized on the 17th...I guess she was interested after all..... :) We then did contacts all day and went to the ward councel meeting. It was really great!! We are going to be doing some really awesome stuff!! :) We then went with Kelson, our "ward mission leader" and the 2nd councelor in the bishopric, to visit with Jeanny and give her a blessing of health for her and her soon-to-be-born baby, Matheus. It was really good and Jeanny's boyfriend was there so we talked to hima bout the church. :)

Monday- So we just plan on sleeping all day..... ;) 
Sister Emma Marion

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brazil - Week 26

Yeah so I'm still trying to process that I have been on a mission for 7 months already!!! I only have 11 months left! That's only like 11 fast Sundays!! 8o

Tuesday- We visited with Maria Oneide, Marciel, Leonardo, and Amanda and read 2 Nephi 31 with them and talked about the gospel of Christ. It was really good!! We then visited with Katia's mom Lauriçe with Irmã Josefa it was good but there was a lot of interruptions and we need to teach the lesson again we think. But after that everything else fell through... :/

Wednesday- We did weekly planning and it was really good! I fell a lot more organized! (haha I know organized ;) )And then we visited with Janie and taught the 1st lesson (restoration) and it was super good at the end we really felt the spirit and we know that she did too. Then when we were leaving we got a phone call from Sister Clark (sister training leader) and she told us that her companion Sister Carvalho was doing a split in a city 4 hours away and they didn't realize until they got home that she has they keys to the house and they need a place to stay for the we had a sleepover! ;) 

Thursday- We had a zone meeting and interviews with President Reber. He is awesome! He started off just saying how proud he is of me and that he got a text form our Bishop thanking him for assigning the Elders and Sisters he did in that ward because we are really blessing the ward and area. It is so nice to know that people realize how much we are working and really are grateful for the work we do. Sometimes you really just need a thank you. *My invite for everyone reading this; Go to the missionaries in your ward and thank them for their work and sacrifices. It means the world to know that the members care and are grateful for what we do!* AND I GOT MY PACKAGE AND 2 LETTERS!!! Thanks SOOOOOOO much everyone!!!!! I loved every bit!!! It really made my week!!!!!! 

Friday- We started off the day teaching this lady (who reminds me of Heather *my aunt*) who sells really good juice!! Her name is Walleria. She is really awesome and really is interested in learning about the church. It was a good lesson. Then after lunch we visited an inactive member Vanessa and realized she doesn't really have a testimony. So we are going to start working with her. We then visited with Luci-Mar, she is just awesome. :) 

Saturday- So today we got a really awesome call!! (Back story- So we have started putting Book of Mormons (with the church's address and hours and our cell number) in mail boxes) A guy named Anderson called us and said that he found a Book of Mormon in his mail box with this number in it and he wants to know what this book is!! Yay!! So we will be visiting with him this next week!! :D We then visited with an ex-investigator from 2 yrs. ago named Vanessa. It was a super lesson and she accepted baptism without any problems!! So we are going to prepare her to be baptized on Nov. 3!! :D It was awesome!! We then visited with a new invest. named Lourdes. And this is where it gets sad. She told us that her son is against all religions that isn't his own and he found the Book of Mormon we gave her and ripped it up and burned it. My heart broke when she told us that. :'( And it all went down hill from there. We planned on doing our English class but no one showed up. I was really upset and disappointed. I don't know what more we could have done to advertise. But I will do SOMETHING more and try again this week. :(

Sunday- So today was really great! It was the birthday of our investigator, Eva, and we threw her a surprise party at her neighbor's house!! They are members and so they invited her and her family to a Family night and when she got there we actually had the elder that started teaching her there and I used the cake y'all sent me and candles and balloons and the crepe streamers. It was super great!!! She LOVED it!! And she was soooo surprised!! She almost cried when she told us that no one has ever thrown her a surprise party before!! But we were happy to do it and the birthday supplies went to a good cause!!! :) 

Monday- So today was AWESOME!!! All of the sisters in Cuiabá got together with President and Sister Reber and they took us to the water fall and the stone in the center of South America! It was so much fun!! It was the closet thing we can get right now to a "Day out with Dad"! :) And he kept calling us his daughters. Even to strangers!! They was this group of people on the trail to the water fall when we were leaving and they said something to President (I think they were asking for directions) and he said something like "follow the line of my daughters." :) It really makes you feel good to know you have a "Dad" close by.....but it makes me miss my real Dad more!!! But my camera died sooo I have to wait for the other sisters to send me all of the pictures!!! But I sent the few I had!!! It was super awesome!!! :)
Sister Emma Marion
Birthday Princess Crown from sister Tori!

The center of South America with Sister Goncalves

Center of South America with all the sisters in Cuiaba area
(see Monday entry)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Brazil - Week 25

Monday- So Sister Kimball left crying. It was a sad time. But I know that she will like it in the south!
And my new companion is Sister Gonçalves she is from Santa Catarina in the south of Brasil. She is really cool and has like a British accent...but she speaks Portuguese....its hard to explain but its cool!! :D 

Tuesday- We visited with this inactive member and we were talking with him to see why he stopped going and we realized it was because he believes in reincarnation.....and the church doesn' yeah...we gave him a pamphlet about the plan of salvation. We then visited with Luci-mar and Jeanny and read 2 Nephi 31 with them and talked about the gospel of Christ and baptism. But Jeanny says that she wants to wait until after the baby is born to get baptized because she wants to know for sure that these feelings are her own and not just because of the baby. We then visited Katia and taught her the first lesson it went well!! :)

Wednesday- It really wasnt a very productive day. We had to go to the market because Sister Gonçalves and I didn't have time to get her food on P-Day but we taught Rosangela who is a referral from the was okay. They just don't have a desire to go to church...

Thursday- We talked with Grizielle and her kids and Rebeca today about the commandments. It was good; the only thing stopping them from getting baptized is their dad. We then talked with Katia's mom and marked a day to teach her and then Luci-Mar and asked what she wants to learn about (temples she said) and then we visited with Maria Oneide and her kids and  when we were visiting with them we asked  Amanda if she was going to go to church sunday and she said yes and so we jokingly said "and one day get baptized right??" and she said "Yeah I want to be baptized Sunday." We were SO surprized and excited for her!!! She has already been to church and had the same lessons as the others so we told her she could and she was. It was the best thing ever!  We then had a meeting where we met the new elder, Elder Wright from Idaho Falls! 

Friday- So we finished our weekly planning today and the visited with Maria Oneide and Amanda and Leonardo and Maciel and did the baptism records and then we visited with Luci-mar and talked with her about temples! We then visited with an ex-investigator of the Elders that only stopped because a lady at church told her that she couldn't come to church in pants.... >:[ YOU CAN! We were a bit upset with that lady when we read that. But we visited with her and she seems really excited!! Her son is already an active member! So we just gotta help her get over her embarrasment! But we marked a date to visit with her again and she said that she would make us bread!! :D

Saturday- We had the baptism interviews and then we went to an appointment in the other area (because her husband doesn't want her talking disscussions from elders because they are young men) and SHE WASN'T THERE X{ It was a waste of R$3(for the bus pass)!!!!! But then we came back and made invites for church and we decided to teach English for a service project/way of getting new investigators!! Its good we have 3 Americans here. Its gonna be fun!! 

Sunday- SO we were almost late to church today! Because of the hour change...we thought the cell phone would change by itself....but nope. Luckily we got there in time and we called the Elders at 8:30 (when church starts) and they were just leaving their I explained about the hour change and they were freaking out. It was funny. :) We then had 2 baptisms!!! Leonardo and Amanda!!! :D We then were talking with Maria Oneide (their mom) and she said that now that their souls are saved she will get married and get baptized!! :D It was a great time!!! :D
Sister Emma Marion

Baptism of Amanda and Leonardo Awesome Day!! (see Thursday entry)
New companion, Sister Goncalves

Monday, October 14, 2013

Brasil - Week 24

Wow this transfer went by so fast!!

Monday- So Monday night we met this lady when we were getting off the bus and she just started talking to us about the church and we were like oh cool! So we kept talking and then she tells us that actually she is really happy to meet us because her pastor told her the other day that she will meet 2 foreigners that will have an invite for her and a message. 0.0 She then met this point she started crying and told us her life story and how God really has saved her and stuff like that. We were like WOW!! So we gave her a BoM and marked a time to visit with her. 

Tuesday- So we got 2 referrals today from the Bishop's wife and so we visited them and marked a day to visit. But one of the referrals is her cousin who has already been to church so we also had a mini lesson with her. After that we went to visit Grizielle and her 3 kids and niece who have a baptism date for Sunday and we watched the restoration video with them and we talked about testimonies. It was a good time! :) We then visited with Maria Oneide and her son Maciel who has a baptism date for Sunday and her 2 other kids. We talked about the gospel of Christ which talks about faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. And to explain better about repentance we did a little activity where we had a glass of water to represent our bodies and we used my red Kool-aid (thanks family!!) to represent sin and explained that when we sin our bodies are dirty (insert kool-aid in water here) BUT we can always repent so we can be clean again (pour bleach in the kool-aid water here)! It went well! It was a good little activity for them!! Then we had a mini lesson with Cleberson and then with Mialon and Adriana where we talked about conference and showed them where they could watch the conference talks! 

Wednesday- SO this was a crazy day!!! SO our district meeting got moved to Thursday so we decided to do our weekly planning so we started and then went to lunch and then went to visit Dalva who is this awesome ice cream lady! She is like the sweetest person ever! She stays open longer just for us if we want ice cream that day and always is supporting us! So we decided to teach her. But when we got there she was getting a card machine to use in her shop so she asked if we could come back later, we agreed and went home to finish weekly planning. So when we got inside it started POURING DOWN RAIN like a lot!! So we were happy we were inside and not trying to work right then. But when it started raining our District leader called and asked if we were caught in the rain and we said no and started talking to him when Sister Kimball gets up to get water from the kitchen and then she starts screaming "OUR HOUSE IS FLOODING!!! SISTER!!! Our house is FLOODING!!!" So I ran to the kitchen and sure enough it was starting to flood. What happened was we have this part of our house that is outside for laundry and it has a drain on the floor that doesn't work so water just stays, so when it started raining out the wazoo the water wasn't draining and was just filling up outside and then overflowing into the house! SO Elder John was on the phone when we were realizing this so he was all like "What?! Sisters?! Whats happening?!?!" Because all he really is hearing is us screaming! So I tell him that the house is flooding so he tells me "Sister just get a bucket and start shoveling water out!!" So I hand the phone to Sister Kimball and try to get the back door open (which was stuck)! So I'm pulling and tugging on the door and Sister Kimball is talking to Elder John and then she gets the squeegee and starts pushing the water out the front door and into the bathroom so it won't get into our room or on our stuff. Finally she gets it good enough and she comes to help me pry the door open. So I ran outside and she went back to the squeegeeing. So I grabbed one bucket and put it under the sink (which leaks...a lot...) to catch water there and then the other bucket and started throwing water over the side of the house. This went on for about 2 hours in the pouring rain. When finally I got the water level down and the rain started stopping I went back inside the house. I looked like I just took a bath. I was SOAKED! And Sister Kimball was a mess too! I had to change all of my clothes. There was only one very tiny part of my shirt that wasn't wet!! Needless to say we missed a few appointments....but they understood...

Thursday- So today was our district meeting. It was good. We talked about gifts of the Spirit. Like which ones we think we have and which ones we would like and how we can develop them! We then visited with Grizielle and the kids again and talked about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom....well actually WE didn't really was actually Grizielle's member aunt that explained. But it was good!! We then did their baptism records!! After that we went to visit with Maria Oneide and did the same thing!! But without Grizielle's aunt. Then we taught the Bishop's cousin (Rafaela) about the restoration and she accepted baptism!! :D Then we visited with Grizielle's sister Giovanna to see if Rebeca (the niece we have been teaching) can be baptized or not. She said she could! So we did her baptism record too!!

Friday- So today we had just a short visit with Grizielle and the kids and Maria Oneide and her kids to see how they were and then we have the "end of transfer cleaning day"!! Our house was SO clean after!! I+But it took ALL day!! We started about 3pm and ended at 9!! 

Saturday- YAY BIRTHDAY!!! :D So when I woke up today Sister Kimball had me walk blindfolded into our study room. Turns out she got up at 3am and put up birthday signs that she made every night this week when I was in the shower!! It was SOOO sweet!!! :} After lunch we had Maciel's baptism interview!! Then we had to find baptism clothes for all the children! We only had one.... 0.o But it got worked out. We then met with Katia, she is really sweet but really sad. Her husband died 4 months ago and now it is only her and her 2 daughters who are 11 and 9. It was just a mini lesson but it was good! They said that they like it when we visit! :} And that they will go to church tomorrow!! We then visited with Cleberson. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him. It was good! :)

Sunday- So at 6:40 this morning we got a text from Grizielle saying that the kids dad won't let them get baptized or go to church. We were very heartbroken. But Rebeca could still get baptized! So we hurried up and got dressed and went to the church hoping to see Rebeca and Giovanna there, but they weren't. So we dropped our stuff and almost RAN to her house 15 minutes away. They didn't answer the door or their phone. We were really sad but hurried back to the church. They never showed up. BUT Luci-Mar did! And Maria Oneide and her kids!! SO Luci-Mar got the gift of the Holy Ghost and Maciel got baptized!! And Leonardo (Maria Oneide's other son) can get baptized this next Sunday!!! After the baptism we went to Giovanna and Rebeca's house and Rebeca said that her mom was sleeping and they didn't go to church because they got up late. Huhhh. We'll keep working with them. After that we visited with Maciel and Maria Oneide and Leonardo and read 3 Nephi 11 with them. It was good! We then visited with Luci-mar and taught Jeanny (her daughter) about the restoration. It was really good! I am almost positive that she will get baptized. 

AND TRANSFERS!!!! Sister Kimball is being transferred to Dourados, which is in Mato Grosso do Sul. She will actually live in the same house as Sister Luca!!! I will be staying here and my new companion will be the Sister that Sister Puckett finished training! Her name is Sister Gonçalves. (I think that's how you spell it.... :/) I'm really sad that Sister Kimball is leaving but I know that she will have  GREAT time in the south!! I'm really gonna miss her!! 
Sister Emma Marion
 Maciel's baptism

Flooded apartment!
(see details on Wednesday entry above)

Happy Birthday, Sister Marion!

Birthday surprise from sweet, Sister Kimball
(see Saturday entry above)