Monday, June 24, 2013

Brazil - Week 8

So thanks everyone for the letters they were great to read!! I'm glad you are all doing so well!! But I'm so sorry about the deaths!! Especially Brother Sellers!! Nossa thats so sad, but when I told Sister Luca this she asked if they were members and if the family was sealed. when I answered yes, she replied then why are you sad. She is so right. We need to put our minds in the gospel and not in the world. Its like Pawpaw Franklin and Pawpaw Marion, they got it better!! No sickness AND they are in Heaven with our family!! And with all the geneology they did I am sure they are super popular!! Haha!! ;)

Tuesday- We had a big zone conference with another zone and President Reber and Sister Reber and the assistants from Moto Grosso were there. IT WAS GREAT!! Nossa!! It was like a mini MTC conference!!! <3 I took lots of notes haha!!
Wednesday- The Sisters (training sisters; Sister Luca and Sister Carvalho) left with President and Sister Reber for Dorados for their conference because they gave talks. So I was with Sister Marinho and we did this cool thing where we prayed and then found roads in our area that we felt we needed to visit. It was really cool!! We didn't teach but we will visit again and teach them. :)
Thursday- Woo Hoo!!! 3 months a missionary!! haha!!! AND our investigator, Marcos, said he wanted to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!  :D WOO HOO!!!!! It was a great day!! And the sisters returned too!!
Friday- We will probably baptize Samuel(son of marcos) the same day!! :D
Saturday- Nothing really....but it was good too!! We are trying to get new investigators.
Sunday- Marcos came back to church!!!!! :D Woo Hoo!!! AND we taught this lady, Leoneide, and she didnt say no to baptism, she said she wants to learn more!! Well okay! We can help!!!! haha!! woo hoo!! And then we watched this broadcast from the 1st presidency about missionary work! IT WAS AWESOME!!! @.@

Sister Emma Marion

We had a "fiesta" on the 20th to celebrate all the anniversary's of our missions. haha.
Left to right
Sister Carvalho- 9 months
Sister Luca - 3 months
Sister Marinho- 2 months
Sister Marion - 3 months

Emma did not send the Month 2 picture.  I'll post it next week when she sends it.

Sister Marion and Sister Marinho

So the brown thing....we picked it because we(sister Marinho and I) thought it was a fruit and we were so excited but then we asked this lady in the road and she told us that people think its fruit but it isn't. we don't know what it is....but it was funny so we kept it and took it home with us to show the other sisters. haha :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brazil - Week 7

woo hoo!! New transfere but I'm staying here with Sister Luca. I guess we have more work to do here!

 Monday- We actually went to this Indian park with our zone, it was really fun!!! :)

Tuesday- We have sarted spending more time in Jardim Areoporto because we have lots of investigators there!! So we visited Marcos, he is the friend of Eudardo who just got baptised by the other sisters. If he comes to church this week I think he can be baptised soon!!! :D

Wednesday- So holidays in Brazil are way different. For one they happen at least once a week!! Nossa! Like they have LOTS!! And today was Dia dos namorados, or Valentine's day basically. Haha

Thursday- So today we met this lady who is "of the veil" like the beliefs of her religion is basically an endowment session......its reallly odddd.....and we taught her the 1st lesson and then we were going to pray and she had us wait so she could get her veil....0.0

Friday- Today was great. I was with Sister Carvalho and I was glad because I could really talk to her and explain my problems and get advise. (side note: This sister is Brazilian, but can speak some English.) And she had me do the baptism invites and it was GREAT, the lady said no....but I felt so great asking!! Like THIS is why I'm here! So I am going to start doing the invites with Sister Luca too!

Saturday- today wasn't a great dayyy for missionary work because it was raining, like RAINING raining!! All day long!! But we found this lady with an autisitic daughter and I want to teach her but she said she can't come to church beause her daughter can't handle the bus with all the people and she doesnt have a car....

Sunday- It rained even MORE!!! Nossa It was like flooding!! BUT MARCOS CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! :D And we have been teaching his mom and she came too and Sister Luca found this kid Friday that everytime he passes the church he tells his Dad that he wants to be a member and he is 11 and so he came too and brought a friend!! 4 invest. at church!!! :D AHH!!! Hopefully this time next week we will have 2 baptisms!!!

Monday- Today Sis. Luca and I went to Centro, which is like downtown, it has stores and resturantes and stuff and we bought new shirts and ate McDonalds haha! But it was fun!! :)

Sister Emma Marion

Emma "singing in the rain".

Monday, June 10, 2013

Brazil - Week 6

Woo hoo!! One transfere down!!

Monday- We prepared to move but our apartment doesn't have light!!! But we cleaned the floors and such.
Tuesday- We moved!! Woo hoo!! Our house wasn't good for sisters because it didn't have a light in the front and it was kind of open and the apartment we live in now is better because it has a fence with barbed wire on the top, a guard at night, and you have to enter through 2 locked doors in the gate and then in our building you have to have a key to get in and then our door, so its better. But nossa!! We had soooooo much stufff!!!! Poor elders!! Haha we had a zone conference today and so all the elders were told that they had to come help us. :D And a brother in our ward has a big flatbed truck (like huge!!) and so the elders loaded up 4 beds, 3 closets, 6 tables, a fridge, stove, and washing machine, plus all of our luggage and other things. Then the awesome guys unloaded it all for us!! Haha but don't worry we rewarded them with food! Sister Luca made this like tart thing with chicken and veggies and one of the elders mothers sent him salsa and chips and we got them guadana(SO GOOD!) and water and we had a festa! Haha. It was really fun to watch the Brazilians try salsa. Haha! ;)
Wednesday- So we still don't have light so its a good thing Mom sent me that fashlight!! But also today Pres. called S. Damasceno and said that the are calling an emergency transfere and she leaves tonight! :/
Thursday- Sister Marniho arrived.....she is kinda ditsy...and preppy but Sister Luca said that is normal for girls in São Paulo becasue they are like the "rich" city. So its good that they are both from São Paulo and I'm American because now we are all "equal" and she can't like look down on us or anything....
Friday- Don't really remember.....but we probably worked in Jardim Aeroporto with friends of Eudardo that we are teaching. One (Marcos) seems really excited and to really like the messages but we just need him to come to church!!
Saturday- We had a baptism(the others sisters.....) and then an activity with the members and we played a game from EFY (thanks for the efy books they help a lot!!) and applied it to listening to the HG. We had 2 groups and had each group define the HG and what He does and then we had them get in order of shoe size then age then skin color then shoe size again and while they were doing this we spoke in a normal voice and told them that when they are done both people on the end raise their hands. And at the end we talked about making sure that during our busy lives, when we are rushing around and trying to figure out what we are suppose to do, we can still hear the directions of the Holy Spirit. It was really great!!!
Sunday- No invest. came to church. :( But today was Elder Skiles birthday so we went to a member's house (Neide Dinazete) and had cake and just talked. It was a lot of fun!! And then Elder Skiles (zl) got a call about transferes!!!! It was really cool to all be together when we found out we all got in a circle with Irmã Neide and held hands while they told us, and we are all staying except for 1 Elder.
Monday- We will visit a park with parrots!!!! :D
AND ELDER MAYOLO IS COMING TO CAMPO GRANDE!!! :D I am soooooooo excited!!! Just like that familiar face and knowing that we can learn together and I won't be the only one is just so great!! But I probably won't see him....but idk!
Sister Emma Marion

 Sister Marion actually likes the Brazilian hot dogs!

 Sister Marion frying pastels.

 The new apartment that Sister Marion described on Tuesday.  This momma is very happy to know her missionary is safe at night.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Brazil - Week 5

Sooooo this week was pretty interesting....

Tuesday- I was comps. with Sister Damasceno becasue Sisters Luca and Carvalho were in Sister Puckett's area and we walked soooo much!!! Minha nossa!! We walked to a neighborhood that was 1h 30min away!!! It was soooo longgg!!! But we did it! And we taught the daughter of this family in the area of the other sisters that just got baptised! It was cool but it will be difficult for her because of her husband. :/

Wednesday- Sooo this is where is really gets we had a District meeting and SIster Reber called and I was the only one in the meeting that can speak english so they asked me to talk to her. Haha. But it was cool because I was able to translate for them!! But while I was talking with her she told me of this lotion that is really good for your feet and that I should go get some and that Pres. will be here next week. So after the meeting Sister Damasceno and I went to a pharmacy to get some and we were talking with the pharmisist and she said that the problem with my feet could be caused by too much acid (like from the food) in my body or diabetes and I should get that checked out. So freaked out a bit by the fact that I could possibly have diabetes because of my pawpaws we went to the Dr. for a blood test. But the Dr just looked at my feet and told me to use this other lotion 3x a day and that it wasn't diabetes or acid. So we got the lotion and I started using it and when we called the other sisters they said that Pres. would be here Friday! Woo hoo!!

Thursday- The Sisters returned today! Woo hoo!! And we found out that we are moving soon to a safer place. Right now we live in a house but we will move into an apartment which is safer for sisters!

Friday- Sooo the day you all have been waiting for!! Haha. Então, after a long comlpicated day of 'when will the Pres look at my feet??' He finally did!! And we got 3 new investigators! Its siblings but we want to teach the parents too because it is really hard to be a child trying to go to a different church as your parents....but the Daughter, Raiane, has been to church befroe and she said she liked it, so now we will work on her brothers and parents!! :D Haha okay I'll tell you what Presidente Reber said now. ;) So he looked at my feet and said it is a common thing, like Sister Reber has had them too. He said it is a median callous....I think thats what it is called....but he cut down the dead skin so that the new skin could grow and he put moleskin on them and some special hydrafix that is like really good tape and told me to leave it on for 2-3 days and then take it off, take a shower, then buff my feet and put my special lotion on (he said the lotion is realllly good because it had urr-something in it can't remember but Dad it is called Softpele ;) and the urr something is 10%) at night then in the morning replace the moleskin. He gave me lots to use and said he will be back in 3 weeks and will look at them again to see the progress. :) They already feel sooooo much better!!! But the tape keeps coming off and I asked him about that and he said put it lower down but if it is still a problem I will need closed shoes. He said that that is how to prevent this kind of callous, but I don't HAVE to if this process is managing it fine. 

Saturday- The Dad and son of last week baptism got baptised!! Woo hoo!! Soooo cool!!! And we taught the OTHER daughter too!! But same problem....the husband. :/

Sunday- We visited some friends of Eduardo (he is the son that got baptised saturday) and taught them the first lesson and now we have 3 new invest.!!! Woo hoo!! AND 2 baptism dates!! But we have a lot of work to do before they can get baptised.....and none of our invest. are progressing right now. It is soooo hard but Sister luca and I will be here for another 6 weeks so we will work harder and it will be easier because we already know the area pretty well. But Sister Damasceno is going back to Cuiaba and we are getting a Sister that was in Cuiaba.  when Sister Luca and Carvalho leave I have to be her comp and the Sr comp too!!! Ohhh minha nossa!!! This is going to be hard!! And she is Brazilian sooo ahh language!! But it think the language is coming along....just not as fast as I wuld like. :/


Eu amo vocês!!!! <3


Sister Emma Marion

This is a quote that Emma has on her wall for inspiration.  Very fitting considering what she is going through with her feet!