Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brasil - Week 21

Tuesday- All of our appointments fell through BUT we found this guy, Jodelson, and we taught him about the Restoration. It went really well! But other than that this day was *thumbs down*.

Wednesday- So today we had a division with Sister Carvalho and Sister Braga because they are the Sister Training Leaders here. It was GREAT!! I was with Sister Braga (because Sister Carvalho speaks English...) and I learned so much from her!! It was really good and we found these 2 girls, Ana and Aline(a-lee-nee), and taught them the first lesson (restoration) and they accepted baptism!! They both are 12. And then at 6 we all met back up and the other Sisters left and Sister Kimball and I visited this referral from the Elders, Maria José. She was interesting. But I think that she will progress. :) AND THEN at the end of the day Sister Kimball and I added up all of our numbers and we had 19 contacts! And guess what else... LUCI-MAR ACCEPTED BAPTISM!! We are SOOO excited for her!! She is already so happy! :)

Thursday- So today we had a Zone Conference!! IT WAS AWESOME!! All of the trainings were really great and helped a lot!! Its just like an energy boost!! They really help!! And afterward we visited with Luci-mar and started talking with her helping her stay firm. It was a great day! :) 

Friday- WOO HOO!!! 6 MONTH MARK!!! Today we visited Luci-mar with Núbia and taught about the Plan of Salvation. It went very well and she understood really easily! Núbia helped out a lot!! After Luci-mar, we visited Jodelson and read in Enos with him and talked about the importance of prayer. It went well, and he said he will try and go to church Sunday!! I know that if he will go he will really feel the spirit there!!  After Jodelson, we went back home and had a great (but really long) weekly planning session!! :)

Saturday- We went and helped Luci-mar clean her house because her daughter is 5 months pregnant. It was fun and we also taught her about obedience and how it shows love. we then went to lunch that we REALLY far away (1 hour!!) but it was good and their daughter isn't a member but they marked a day for us to go back and teach her! Then all of our appointments fell through AGAIN. So we went with Luci-mar and her daughter (Jeane) to pass out baby shower invites so I and Sister Kimball can do contacts with them. We only got 2 out of it. :/ 

Sunday- So only Adrielli came today. It was good that she was there but, ugh. No one else. :/ Afterward we had a meeting with the "ward mission leader". It went well. We passed around ideas to help the ward get excited about helping!! Afterward we found one of our invest. that we only found one time, Iago (like the parrot in Aladdin), and marked a day to visit with him and his friend that we taught once, Carlos. We then stopped by Luci-mar's house but no one was there so we left a little note. :) 

Monday- So far we have studied, and I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!! It only took me 3 months and 12 days!! :D I read about 3 chapters everyday and BAM!! DONE! Next I will try and read the bible!! :D wish me luck with that one!! >.< We then grabbed some lunch and started writing y'all!! :) 
Sister Emma Marion
Together as companions again!

Month 6!!
Celebrating 6 months on a mission is more fun when you get to
share it with your MTC companion!

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