Monday, September 2, 2013

Brazil - Week 18 TRANSFERS!

Tuesday & Wednesday- We stayed home because S. Freitas was sick. :( 

Thursday- We did a division with a member of another ward and Ana from our ward. It was really great! I was with Ana and we visited a lot of people!! My numbers + S. Freitas numbers really made up for the last 2 days!! And Ana took me to 2 houses of her friends we already taught one and the other we will teach next Tuesday! It was really cool. She also gave the address of another that we will visit some time next week with Ana.

Friday- We tried to visit some of the contacts we got but all of them fell through. It was really disappointing. But we found Cintia in her house and started talking to her, turns out that she thought that the church abandoned her because she is pregnant. We also think that she is embarrassed and because of this she stopped coming. But we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and talked to her about how the gospel can really help her and her baby.

Saturday- We visited more people we contacted but they also fell through. It was a rather disappointing day. And everyone we invited to church said that they can't this week. One lady even told me that she doesn't want to come to church because she doesn't want to leave her friends in her other church. But she believes in the restoration.....We also visited a friend of Luana, who is a member with her two brothers out serving missions, with her and taught her about Joseph Smith, but this girl said that she has church in the morning & there is no way her mom will let her miss. Also disappointing. :(  
The highlight of this day was when we were returning home discouraged and tired from walking all day we heard noise in Cintia's house and so we started talking to whoever it was over the wall and turns out it was her mom who we haven't talked to since we found out that Cintia is pregnant. So her mom called us over and we talked with her a lot and I think it really helped her to have someone to talk to about this (because her boyfriend that lives with her is a truck driver and has been gone over a month). She also thought that  Cintia can't come to church anymore because we believe in the law of chastity. But we explained to her that she can keep coming no problem. Hopefully the whole family will come next week. 

Sunday- Elisangela, counselor in the Relief Society, went to visit people with us and we taught this lady with 3 kids about the restoration it was really good. Especially since Elisangela wasn't born into the church and was baptized when she was in her late teens/early 20's so she has the experience of a life outside of the church and has a testimony of how the church can help you and your family. We then went to Cintia's house and visited with her mom again (because cintia gets sick a lot so she stays in bed a lot) and I made cookies for her to try and we just talked and then we shared a message from Moroni 8:2 and applied this scripture to her life and talked about how she has a sacred calling of mom and how her sacred work is to help cintia and how she has a great opportunity right now to get closer to her daughter and help her through this pregnancy. It was really good. 

We then found out about transfers.....SO Sister Freitas is staying here withhhhh.....Sister Marinho! Annndddd I will open a new area called Várzea Grande innnnn Cuiabá!! And you ready for companion isssss SISTER KIMBALL!!!!!! I will train her. :D
Te amo!!!
Sister Emma Marion
A road in Pioneiros that Emma walks every day!
Sister Freitas and Sister Marion
Emma's favorite fruit, Mango!

This is how missionaries feel about packages from home!

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