Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brazil - Week 17

Tuesday- I reached 5 months on a mission!! WOO HOO!!! And we met this kid named Marlom, and we taught his the 1st lesson and it was really great, he read James 1:5 and I could just "see" him in the church reading the scriptures in Seminary or whith his family. It was really cool! 
Wednesday- So we got this refferal from the Elders named Jefferson and so we visited him and we taught him and he is really smart especially in gospel things. It was really awesome! And he is 19 so MISSION!! Haha! We always "plan" their lives. Like oh he can go on a mission and baptized families so they can be together forever and then he will come back and find a girl in the church and marry her and THEY will have a forever family!! Haha! :)
Thursday- Our Relief Society pres. went with us today to visit some inactive members and it was really good. We visited a bunch and I think it really helped them feel welcome again in the church! :) 
Friday- We did a service project!! Woo hoo!! We helped this 80 year old woman who just moved into the house next to a new member organized her stuff and sort her clothes and stuff. It was fun but reallllyyyyy long and I have never seen so much stuff!! Nossa!!! Boxes and boxes of clothes!! And then we went to visit Marlom again but his aunts were there and when we entered the house they started talking to us and he left to another room and didn't come back. :( But we talked about the Atonement with his aunts. We then went to the church where President Reber and the Elders trained the members on how to better welcome nonmembers into the church and also how to talk about the church with their friends. I also received a package! :) It was really super great thanks!!!!! :D S. Freitas thanks you too haha!! :) I also got a letter from Primary!!! It was really sweet!! I now have the picture from Joseph, Tori, and Primary hanging up on my wall. :)
Saturday- We visited with Jefferson again.....it was really kind of interesting. He said that he knows that our message about the Restoration is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he also believes that his Pastor has the priesthood and is a prophet called of God through a dream. Yeahhh....
Sunday- We had stake conference and after we just did contacts all day and we met this guy and his wife and son and we just atarted talking to them like we know them it was really cool. We will go back another day and teach them how they can be a family forever. :) 
Monday- we had lunch with our district and stayed home and cleaned! It was a good day! :)
And mom, you asked for spiritual experiences. Well everyday is a sporotual experience for me. Everyday my tesitmony of the gospel truths grow stronger and stronger. I meet people I think I already know but have never met before in my earth life I teach with the power of truth every day. Mommy, everyday is a spiritual experience. :)
Sister Emma Marion

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