Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 52 - Brazil

Tuesday- We went and visited with Ana. She is really awesome!!! And she told us that she already knows that the Book of Mormon is true!!!  It was really awesome. But then when we left it started raining REALLY hard and Sister Freitas left her umbrella at Ana and her husband gave us a ride home and we grabbed the umbrella but when we left the house the street was already starting to flood, but off we went. But the further out we got the harder it started to rain and then we realized that Sister Freitas had a hole in her umbrella and she was getting soaked. So we stopped at a member's house until the rain calmed down....but then it was time to go home.....
Wednesday- We did contacts all day!!! We got 10!
Thursday- So while we were at lunch today we got a call from an investigator asking for us to come over today. (She was recently abused by her husband.) So we went over and talked to her about the gospel of Christ. She accepted baptism!!! Then we invited her to go with us to a welcome home party for a returning sister! Her name is Tania and she served in London, England!! She is really sweet!! I like her!
Friday- So we had lunch at home today and we decided to dye my hair blonde!! :o  It was shocking to see!!! But after that we went and visited with this lady named Valiera. She was baptized when she was 15 but we aren't sure if her name was removed or not....because her visiting teachers came over when she was married and she said that she was really interested in coming back....but she wants us now to talk with her husband so we made another appointment.

Saturday- We went on splits today Sister Freitas went with Taina and I went with Sister Whipple....and NO ONE was home!!! Or they didn't want us to talk to them. It was sad.
Today it was the same thing!!! Only the members let us in!!! :( Sometimes. Life is really hard. :/
Monday- Today we went with President and Sister Reber and all of the sisters in Cuiabá to the waterfalls. It was really fun! We took lots of pictures! :)


Sister Emma Marion
Trying a new hair color! (see Friday entry)

P-day at the waterfalls (see Monday entry)

Sisters Marion, Freitas, Whipple

Sister Freitas' broken umbrella (see Tuesday entry)

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