Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 50 - Brazil

Tuesday-  So we got to teach our gas station ladies! It was really awesome!! Josi is really wanting to put her life in order and I felt so great because I could see that I really was helping her!!  

Wednesday- So we bassically spent all day doing contacts. But before that we finally divided the area in 2. It really helps a lot so that you can have a better idea of things. Actually I have been quoting Mawmaw lately...hehe..... "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" 

Thursday- So. Today we got a phone call form Elder Leão saying that we were being transferred to Tijucal to be in a trio with Sister Freitas. It was really sad news. I love Cuiabá so much!!! But I trust President Reber and if he think that we are needed in Tijucal then "I'll go where you want me to go!" (Tijucal in still in the Cuiabá 40 minutes from where I was.) And I got my PACKAGE!!! :D

Friday- So we arrived in Tijucal in the morning and we just basically met members. It was really great!! The members here are super funny!! I really like them. :) And they really like Sisters here!! 

Saturday- So after lunch we visited a few inactive members and the last one that we visited I really learned something really important. There are so many people inactive because of gossip. And then when they try to come back everyone looks at them and the feel like people are talking and judging them. This is the biggest problem that we see. Pride and Judging. It is so sad to see people embarrassed to go to church because they know that people with talk about them. That night I made a heavenly food: TACOS!!!!!! <3 It was soooo good!!! Sister Freitas loved them!!! haha! :)
(We sent corn tortillas and Taco Bell seasoning in Emma's most recent package!)

Sunday- After lunch we had Sister Whipple's language study and then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and then we went to a member's house for her daughter's birthday party! :) 

Monday- So we had an Elder's birthday party today- Bar-b-que, birthday cake and soccer!!! Haha BRASIL!!

Sister Emma Marion
Sister Whipple, Sister Marion, Sister Freitas, Sister Kimball

Birthday party for an elder (see Monday entry)

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