Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 51 - Tijucal, Brazil

Tuesday- So we had a division today. Sister Whipple and Sister Freitas went to Morada da Serra with Sister Kimball and I stayed in Tijucal with Sister Silva. It was a really good day...but it didn't last very long because they are doing a lot of construction work in the city we had to leave earlier to switch back so we could get back in time to go to a family night at an inactive member's house! So we all met at the mission office and then we went to our family was really great! And then when we went home Sister Whipple and I decided to have a water fight!! Hehe It was super fun! :)
Wednesday- After lunch today we went to a big store (basically Sam's Club) and then we went back home and made chocolate Easter eggs to give to some members to thank them for helping us. :) Here in Brazil one big Easter tradition is you get a chocolate Easter egg. :)

Thursday- We went on splits. Sister Whipple went with me and Sister Freitas went with a member. So Sister Whipple and I just did contacts and we found this lady named Ana, and she accepted a baptism date!! :D

Friday- So today we visited a girl named Oyukane. Her parents are Brazilian but she was born in
Japan. She is really sweet and we aught her and her mom and they both agreed to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. :)
So we decided to try and have an English class here in Tijucal! So we went to the LAN House and made invites and then we went back home and I helped Sister Whipple make a language study plan.
Sunday- So today was super great!! We had a sign up sheet for the English class and a LOT of people signed up!! :D And we told the members to bring friends!! So we are expecting a great turnout! Then after lunch we went to some nearby member's houses and we sang 'I know that my Redeemer Lives' and then shared our testimonies and prayed and then we thanked them for all of their help and gave them chocolate eggs!!! It went so well and we felt so great! It was really spiritual!! :)
Monday- We slept in and then did a deep clean on the house and then we tried to go to the LAN house but because it is a holiday it was closed, so we went to the Bishop's house and used his!!

Sister Emma Marion
I asked Emma what brought on the water fight. She simply said, "the heat!"
Water Fight (see Tuesday entry)

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