Monday, June 24, 2013

Brazil - Week 8

So thanks everyone for the letters they were great to read!! I'm glad you are all doing so well!! But I'm so sorry about the deaths!! Especially Brother Sellers!! Nossa thats so sad, but when I told Sister Luca this she asked if they were members and if the family was sealed. when I answered yes, she replied then why are you sad. She is so right. We need to put our minds in the gospel and not in the world. Its like Pawpaw Franklin and Pawpaw Marion, they got it better!! No sickness AND they are in Heaven with our family!! And with all the geneology they did I am sure they are super popular!! Haha!! ;)

Tuesday- We had a big zone conference with another zone and President Reber and Sister Reber and the assistants from Moto Grosso were there. IT WAS GREAT!! Nossa!! It was like a mini MTC conference!!! <3 I took lots of notes haha!!
Wednesday- The Sisters (training sisters; Sister Luca and Sister Carvalho) left with President and Sister Reber for Dorados for their conference because they gave talks. So I was with Sister Marinho and we did this cool thing where we prayed and then found roads in our area that we felt we needed to visit. It was really cool!! We didn't teach but we will visit again and teach them. :)
Thursday- Woo Hoo!!! 3 months a missionary!! haha!!! AND our investigator, Marcos, said he wanted to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!  :D WOO HOO!!!!! It was a great day!! And the sisters returned too!!
Friday- We will probably baptize Samuel(son of marcos) the same day!! :D
Saturday- Nothing really....but it was good too!! We are trying to get new investigators.
Sunday- Marcos came back to church!!!!! :D Woo Hoo!!! AND we taught this lady, Leoneide, and she didnt say no to baptism, she said she wants to learn more!! Well okay! We can help!!!! haha!! woo hoo!! And then we watched this broadcast from the 1st presidency about missionary work! IT WAS AWESOME!!! @.@

Sister Emma Marion

We had a "fiesta" on the 20th to celebrate all the anniversary's of our missions. haha.
Left to right
Sister Carvalho- 9 months
Sister Luca - 3 months
Sister Marinho- 2 months
Sister Marion - 3 months

Emma did not send the Month 2 picture.  I'll post it next week when she sends it.

Sister Marion and Sister Marinho

So the brown thing....we picked it because we(sister Marinho and I) thought it was a fruit and we were so excited but then we asked this lady in the road and she told us that people think its fruit but it isn't. we don't know what it is....but it was funny so we kept it and took it home with us to show the other sisters. haha :)

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  1. Emma looks fantastic! I love her humor and her faith all wrapped together. did I mention that I love this girl? Well i do! I love reading her letters. What a great example.