Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brazil - Week 7

woo hoo!! New transfere but I'm staying here with Sister Luca. I guess we have more work to do here!

 Monday- We actually went to this Indian park with our zone, it was really fun!!! :)

Tuesday- We have sarted spending more time in Jardim Areoporto because we have lots of investigators there!! So we visited Marcos, he is the friend of Eudardo who just got baptised by the other sisters. If he comes to church this week I think he can be baptised soon!!! :D

Wednesday- So holidays in Brazil are way different. For one they happen at least once a week!! Nossa! Like they have LOTS!! And today was Dia dos namorados, or Valentine's day basically. Haha

Thursday- So today we met this lady who is "of the veil" like the beliefs of her religion is basically an endowment session......its reallly odddd.....and we taught her the 1st lesson and then we were going to pray and she had us wait so she could get her veil....0.0

Friday- Today was great. I was with Sister Carvalho and I was glad because I could really talk to her and explain my problems and get advise. (side note: This sister is Brazilian, but can speak some English.) And she had me do the baptism invites and it was GREAT, the lady said no....but I felt so great asking!! Like THIS is why I'm here! So I am going to start doing the invites with Sister Luca too!

Saturday- today wasn't a great dayyy for missionary work because it was raining, like RAINING raining!! All day long!! But we found this lady with an autisitic daughter and I want to teach her but she said she can't come to church beause her daughter can't handle the bus with all the people and she doesnt have a car....

Sunday- It rained even MORE!!! Nossa It was like flooding!! BUT MARCOS CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! :D And we have been teaching his mom and she came too and Sister Luca found this kid Friday that everytime he passes the church he tells his Dad that he wants to be a member and he is 11 and so he came too and brought a friend!! 4 invest. at church!!! :D AHH!!! Hopefully this time next week we will have 2 baptisms!!!

Monday- Today Sis. Luca and I went to Centro, which is like downtown, it has stores and resturantes and stuff and we bought new shirts and ate McDonalds haha! But it was fun!! :)

Sister Emma Marion

Emma "singing in the rain".

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