Monday, June 10, 2013

Brazil - Week 6

Woo hoo!! One transfere down!!

Monday- We prepared to move but our apartment doesn't have light!!! But we cleaned the floors and such.
Tuesday- We moved!! Woo hoo!! Our house wasn't good for sisters because it didn't have a light in the front and it was kind of open and the apartment we live in now is better because it has a fence with barbed wire on the top, a guard at night, and you have to enter through 2 locked doors in the gate and then in our building you have to have a key to get in and then our door, so its better. But nossa!! We had soooooo much stufff!!!! Poor elders!! Haha we had a zone conference today and so all the elders were told that they had to come help us. :D And a brother in our ward has a big flatbed truck (like huge!!) and so the elders loaded up 4 beds, 3 closets, 6 tables, a fridge, stove, and washing machine, plus all of our luggage and other things. Then the awesome guys unloaded it all for us!! Haha but don't worry we rewarded them with food! Sister Luca made this like tart thing with chicken and veggies and one of the elders mothers sent him salsa and chips and we got them guadana(SO GOOD!) and water and we had a festa! Haha. It was really fun to watch the Brazilians try salsa. Haha! ;)
Wednesday- So we still don't have light so its a good thing Mom sent me that fashlight!! But also today Pres. called S. Damasceno and said that the are calling an emergency transfere and she leaves tonight! :/
Thursday- Sister Marniho arrived.....she is kinda ditsy...and preppy but Sister Luca said that is normal for girls in São Paulo becasue they are like the "rich" city. So its good that they are both from São Paulo and I'm American because now we are all "equal" and she can't like look down on us or anything....
Friday- Don't really remember.....but we probably worked in Jardim Aeroporto with friends of Eudardo that we are teaching. One (Marcos) seems really excited and to really like the messages but we just need him to come to church!!
Saturday- We had a baptism(the others sisters.....) and then an activity with the members and we played a game from EFY (thanks for the efy books they help a lot!!) and applied it to listening to the HG. We had 2 groups and had each group define the HG and what He does and then we had them get in order of shoe size then age then skin color then shoe size again and while they were doing this we spoke in a normal voice and told them that when they are done both people on the end raise their hands. And at the end we talked about making sure that during our busy lives, when we are rushing around and trying to figure out what we are suppose to do, we can still hear the directions of the Holy Spirit. It was really great!!!
Sunday- No invest. came to church. :( But today was Elder Skiles birthday so we went to a member's house (Neide Dinazete) and had cake and just talked. It was a lot of fun!! And then Elder Skiles (zl) got a call about transferes!!!! It was really cool to all be together when we found out we all got in a circle with Irmã Neide and held hands while they told us, and we are all staying except for 1 Elder.
Monday- We will visit a park with parrots!!!! :D
AND ELDER MAYOLO IS COMING TO CAMPO GRANDE!!! :D I am soooooooo excited!!! Just like that familiar face and knowing that we can learn together and I won't be the only one is just so great!! But I probably won't see him....but idk!
Sister Emma Marion

 Sister Marion actually likes the Brazilian hot dogs!

 Sister Marion frying pastels.

 The new apartment that Sister Marion described on Tuesday.  This momma is very happy to know her missionary is safe at night.

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  1. Awesome!! So glad they are in a safer area and had lots of help. Man I love hearing about these experiences and having google to help me figure out half of what they are talking about. LOL LOVE Sister Marion!