Monday, June 3, 2013

Brazil - Week 5

Sooooo this week was pretty interesting....

Tuesday- I was comps. with Sister Damasceno becasue Sisters Luca and Carvalho were in Sister Puckett's area and we walked soooo much!!! Minha nossa!! We walked to a neighborhood that was 1h 30min away!!! It was soooo longgg!!! But we did it! And we taught the daughter of this family in the area of the other sisters that just got baptised! It was cool but it will be difficult for her because of her husband. :/

Wednesday- Sooo this is where is really gets we had a District meeting and SIster Reber called and I was the only one in the meeting that can speak english so they asked me to talk to her. Haha. But it was cool because I was able to translate for them!! But while I was talking with her she told me of this lotion that is really good for your feet and that I should go get some and that Pres. will be here next week. So after the meeting Sister Damasceno and I went to a pharmacy to get some and we were talking with the pharmisist and she said that the problem with my feet could be caused by too much acid (like from the food) in my body or diabetes and I should get that checked out. So freaked out a bit by the fact that I could possibly have diabetes because of my pawpaws we went to the Dr. for a blood test. But the Dr just looked at my feet and told me to use this other lotion 3x a day and that it wasn't diabetes or acid. So we got the lotion and I started using it and when we called the other sisters they said that Pres. would be here Friday! Woo hoo!!

Thursday- The Sisters returned today! Woo hoo!! And we found out that we are moving soon to a safer place. Right now we live in a house but we will move into an apartment which is safer for sisters!

Friday- Sooo the day you all have been waiting for!! Haha. Então, after a long comlpicated day of 'when will the Pres look at my feet??' He finally did!! And we got 3 new investigators! Its siblings but we want to teach the parents too because it is really hard to be a child trying to go to a different church as your parents....but the Daughter, Raiane, has been to church befroe and she said she liked it, so now we will work on her brothers and parents!! :D Haha okay I'll tell you what Presidente Reber said now. ;) So he looked at my feet and said it is a common thing, like Sister Reber has had them too. He said it is a median callous....I think thats what it is called....but he cut down the dead skin so that the new skin could grow and he put moleskin on them and some special hydrafix that is like really good tape and told me to leave it on for 2-3 days and then take it off, take a shower, then buff my feet and put my special lotion on (he said the lotion is realllly good because it had urr-something in it can't remember but Dad it is called Softpele ;) and the urr something is 10%) at night then in the morning replace the moleskin. He gave me lots to use and said he will be back in 3 weeks and will look at them again to see the progress. :) They already feel sooooo much better!!! But the tape keeps coming off and I asked him about that and he said put it lower down but if it is still a problem I will need closed shoes. He said that that is how to prevent this kind of callous, but I don't HAVE to if this process is managing it fine. 

Saturday- The Dad and son of last week baptism got baptised!! Woo hoo!! Soooo cool!!! And we taught the OTHER daughter too!! But same problem....the husband. :/

Sunday- We visited some friends of Eduardo (he is the son that got baptised saturday) and taught them the first lesson and now we have 3 new invest.!!! Woo hoo!! AND 2 baptism dates!! But we have a lot of work to do before they can get baptised.....and none of our invest. are progressing right now. It is soooo hard but Sister luca and I will be here for another 6 weeks so we will work harder and it will be easier because we already know the area pretty well. But Sister Damasceno is going back to Cuiaba and we are getting a Sister that was in Cuiaba.  when Sister Luca and Carvalho leave I have to be her comp and the Sr comp too!!! Ohhh minha nossa!!! This is going to be hard!! And she is Brazilian sooo ahh language!! But it think the language is coming along....just not as fast as I wuld like. :/


Eu amo vocês!!!! <3


Sister Emma Marion

This is a quote that Emma has on her wall for inspiration.  Very fitting considering what she is going through with her feet!

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  1. Man I love her. What a trooper. An hour and a half of walking with her feet like that. Man. I know she is being blessed. And thankfully her humor is still in tact! I am so thankful it wasn't diabetes . We will keep her in our prayers. What an amazing young woman!