Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brasil - Week 15

Week 3 of Transfer 3

Tuesday- We had lunch with Elisangela who is from Northern Brasil and because S. Freitas is too Elisangela made northern food. It was good but it is stronger than the food here. I couldn't eat a lot at all! But S. Freitas had 2 plates full!! And after we ate we were talking and S. Freitas told me that we need to give the message and leave fast because she wasn't feeling well. So I gave the message and then Elisangela told us to relax a while and then she would drive us to our next appointment. So when we left S. Freitas told her to drop us off at Ana's house so she did and then left and S. Freitas knocked on Ana's door and when she opened it S. Frietas told her "Ana can we come in I think I will throw up." So we went in and I got a wet rag and put it on her face and Ana had a fan blowing on her and then a while later she threw up. Needless to say we didn't work that day. But its kind of funny because she is from the North and can't handle the food and I am not even from Brasil and I do just fine. I guess I have a stomach of steel. A Tori stomach! ;) haha!!

 Wednesday- We had a district meeting and after we were about to leave the church when I saw this young man looking at the church and the sign that says the visitors are welcome and the hour for church, so I'm like "Sister lets go talk to him!!" seriously though 6 missionaries and nobody is already out the door to talk to him! So I went and S. Freitas started talking to him and he told us that he passes the church often and when he woke up this morning he felt like he should go look at the church. It was total inspiration that we met him!! So we invited him to enter the church to see the inside and then we told him that tonight youth will get together and play soccer and he is welcome to come and we also got his address to visit. So later that night he came to the church for soccer and we met him there and grabbed a member and we taught him the 1 lesson and we invited him to be baptized and he agreed but started crying said that he has a lot of problems he needs to work out before baptism. And we told him that we will help. He is a good kid.

 Thursday- So we went to visit Leandro (see Wednesday) at his house and his aunt that he lives with told us that he left this morning to spend the weekend with his parents in a different city. And she isn't completely sure if he will come back. :( We then went to visit Cinta and she was at her house!! She is NEVER home!!! And her mom was home too!! So we went to their house and Cinta let us in and we started talking to her mom and Cinta went to another room and a while later came out in her school clothes grabbed her shoes and left!! :( We had no time to teach her again!! But we taught her mom!! Woo hoo! We then went to the house of a new member for a family night and we brought Maria(Cinta's mom) with us! It was really good. :)

 Friday- So today didn't really have very many interesting things that happened. But we did meet and teach this one lady who has already heard the missionary lessons. She is cool and is maybe ready to hear about the church again. :) Buuutttttt she goes to a different church where her son is an apostle......

 Saturday- So today we talked to Cinta turns out she is sick.......but she still wants to be baptized so we called our District leader and he met us at her house did her interview and she will be baptized Sunday!! Nossa. We only taught her 2 times and she is sick but the Lord definitely has a plan!! And later that night we went to a church activity where they talked about family history! It was cool...but only because I like family history.... ;)

 Sunday- Cinta was baptized today!!!!!! :D It was sooooo great and her mom bawled!! I have faith that her mom will be baptized too one day! :) Also today S. Freitas got her Patriarchal Blessing!! :) It was really cool and because I am her companion and we cant be alone I got to stay with her. But even if I could have left her alone she wanted me there because she said that your companion is the only family you have on the mission. And its so true. :)

 Monday- Close to everyone in our Zone went to this part member family's house in my area for lunch. They are really cool. The parents aren't members but the mom, Jo, treats all missionaries like her own children. :) She is really great. :) Most of the Elders call her mom. :) And she really like S.Freitas and I and always asks why we can't spend the night at her house. Haha. But we told her its because we have rules and so she called Elder Horn (he is the pres. assistant for Motto Grosso do Sul and was in Pioneiors for like 9 months so he knows everybody!) and fussed at him because he won't let us stay with her. Haha. :)

Sister Emma Marion
Month 4 in Brazil

Emma did not label her pictures, so I'm assuming these are the elders in her district.

Cinta's baptism - Pioneiros

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