Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brasil - Week 16

Monday- We had lunch and dinner with Ana and her family and some elders. It was really fun!!
Tuesday- We visited inactive members and some new members. Everyone is really awesome!! I don't know why the inactive members are inactive....I think they just need friends in the ward. In PMG (Preach My Gospel) Pres.. Hinkley talkes about the importance of new members having 3 things:
 1) a friend 2) a calling or responsiblity and I don't remember 3 haha but the first two are really important and every member can help with the 1st!! 
Wednesday- We had a zone meeting today and it was really cool because we ended up having lunch together and it was a really good spirit builder!! We just practiced and read things in PMG. We then visited this lady Esther. She is old but we taught her about the BOM (Book of Mormon) and she reallly seems interested. she was looking at it when we gave it to her and she said "and now I need to read it because I want to know who Enos is!" Woo hoo!! haha! :)
Thursday- It wasn't a good work day. We only taught 2 lessons. :( BUT we were invited to go to a Family night with this new member and there I met Elder Udy and his parents!!! :D It was really cool because his mom, Julia, looked at me and saw my name and said "OH I know your mom!!" I about cried!! It was really cool too because I helped Elder Udy translate for his parents!! Woo hoo!! I can speak Portuguese!!! :D
Friday- Today we were invited to Ana's house to have dinner with Elder Udy and his parents! And when they arrived Julia told me "Oh Sister, I talked to your mom last night on Facebook and she told me to give you a big hug!" And then she did! :) Thanks mommy!! I about cried again. ;) But I got to translate more! I love it!! But I went home with a big headache!!!! :/
Saturday- We visited this guy who was a refferal from some Elders and he is interesting....he studies religions and he knows a lot about the church and asks a lot of questions!! But he has a nephew that is a member and he said that he will come to church next week!! We also visited with new members and inactive members! 
Sunday- I gave a talk today! It wasnt horriblçe but I wish I knew more words to express my ideas and feelings. -sigh- But then we had lunch with some members and then the wife, Cristina, went to visit inactive members with us and new members too!! She really liked it! And then her husband met us at the church to pick her up and he said "Oh sisters I did some contacts for you and here are their names!" We were really excited!!! A member doing contacts for us!! It helps A LOT!! But I think he did it because during lunch I said that I want to do contacts for the missionaries when I get back hehe ;)
Monday- We slept until 1!!!! :D Then had lunch and then cleaned the house and the wrote you!!! :D WOO HOO P-Day!! :)

Sister Emma Marion

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