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Brasil - Week 14

Week 2 of Transfer 3
Tuesday- We had interviews with President Reber. He is so great!! He really cares about us! He is like our "mission dad" and Sister Reber our "mission mom" They are both wonderful, caring people!!! And it was really good to talk to them!! Oh and when my companion, S. Freitas , went to talk to Sister Reber I went with her and translated!!! It was awesome!!!!!! :D
Later we were at our house and we heard someone singing in English and my comp. asked if she was singing right and I said yes and so S. Freitas said, "speak English to her!!" So I did and turns out she doesn't speak English! hehe but S. Freitas asked if we could visit her and so we did and taught the 1st lesson and she said yes for baptism!!! She is reallly great!! Her name is Cinta!
Then we went to the house of Hellen, she is 11 and really smart. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she also said yes for baptism!! Then we went to the house of a new member and she wants us to start teaching her husband!! It was a great day!! 
Wednesday- We had a zone conference. My zone is really cool!! But we only have 2 sisters and a LOT of Elders..... After, we had lunch like normal and then we went with (Aidil) and Tânia (wife of Cinésio, who is prego) to do their visiting teaching haha. But it was good to meet more members and also Tânia gave us a person near by to visit! 
Thursday- We went with Ana (member who is 16 and wants to serve but parents aren't members and don't really want her too) and visited 2 families but they don't want to be part of the church so we had to drop them.....:(  We visited Marcia and taught her husband, who said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray!!! :D
We then went to the bus stop because I left to do a split with S. Luca in Jardim Imá!! (Emma's last area)
Friday- I was in Jardim Imá today!! Woo hoo!! It was good to be back. We had lunch with the Bishop and his family!! They are really great!! But the whole time I was thinking about Pioneiros!! Its amazing how fast your thoughts can change when you are held responsible for a people. But it was really good to visit, especially with S. Luca! :) I then returned that night and was really exhausted from the whole week. Yeah it was great. :)
Saturday- So today we had lunch with Irmã Maria who actually has 2 sons serving right now and we ended up staying at her house and talking to her until 3 (lunch started at 12...) we then caught the bus and went to the church for the baby shower of Tâina. It was really cool! They have this game (I have a pic) where they blindfold the mommy to be and then give her presents and she guesses what the present is and who brought it and if she gets it right she can open it but if not whoever gave it to her gets to draw on her with makeup.... its was funny! :) They also have some really cute snacks!! :) After that we went to visit Marcia and her husband but he left before we got there and went to a bar to drink and refused to leave. She was reallly sad. So we sang a hymn with her and read scriptures with her. Its all we really can do. :/

Sunday- So we called Cinta to go to church with us and she said, "oh and my mom wants to come to!" So logically we said no problem!! So we all went to church together and then afterward we visited them at their house and the mom(Maria) told us that she prayed during Sacrament that her boyfriend would call her because they are having problems and they haven't talked in a while and then she said that as soon as they left church he called her. It was soooo great she absolutely loves the church and Cinta(her daughter) too! And Maria was talking to us and was telling us that she has a son who lives in Teresina and so when she was going on and on about how great the church is going to be for her daughter. I told her "I have a friend who lives in Teresina and if you think it would be good for your son I can pass his address to my friend." And she was all like oh yes!!! He needs this blah blah blah. It was great!! So I got his address and passed it to Elder Lott who was in my MTC district and is serving there right now!! Woo hoo!! Eternal family!!!! Hopefully!!!! Also Hellen came to church! But she said that her mom thinks it is too soon for her to get baptised. :( BUT one day I KNOW she will!! :)
Monday- So all of my zone (Monte Libano) and zone (Campo Grande) met at the chapel in Bandarentes and we had a bar-b-que and I made cookies! It was really fun!! And after we leave writing you we will go get icecream!! :) Yay P-Day!!! :D -- 

Sister Emma Marion


Sisters helping with food for bi-zone P-day.
Emma's companion, Sister Freitas, is in the red shirt, black skirt.  

Bi-zone P-day Campo Grande
  These were taken by one of the Brazilian sisters, not sure why it's blurry around the edges.

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