Monday, October 7, 2013

Brasil - Week 23

Tuesday- We had a pretty good day today. We had 6 contacts and 5 lessons! One of our contacts is a family and the son actually has schizophrenia. 0.o BUT he really has a strong faith in Christ. Its awesome! We also met with Helazangela who is the daughter of a member family and the only nonmember in her house. She has already met with the Elders a couple of times but she is like a brick wall. And her mom is always present in the lessons so this time we asked to teach her alone. Her mom agreed and so we started talking with her and asked her if she really wants this or not. She said no. But we talked more with her and in the end we got her to pray with us, something she doesn't even do with her family. One day she will be baptized. She just needs to want it first.
Wednesday- DISTRICT MEETING DAY!! It was really cool again!! Elder John had 2 boxes of chocolate and gave one bar to each missionary and put us all in a different room and told us to hide it good and then we will switch rooms and find the candy. "Your area is from the chapel to this room here and the chocolate bars represent the Elect of God. Go!" So off we went in to the rooms where we saw the other missionaries in and we found the candy and then Sister Kimball and I went and helped the Elders in our room find the candy. At the end of this 5 minutes Elder John told us all to stop and then asked the question "why didn't you look in all of your area? You only went where you knew there was elects but you didn't look in ALL your area. I'm the "Bishop" of this ward and you can ask for help. You can have a few more minutes. GO!" So Sister Kimball and I asked him where the candy was and if he could go with us to find them and the Elders went back in the rooms we were in and Elder John showed us where the candy was and so we got a bunch and then the elders came in and started asking for "referrals" it was really a great lesson. Why don't we ask for more help? Then we got to eat the candy :} After that we went and made cute little invites for conference to pass out to people!! :D
Thursday- So today all of our appointments fell through at the last minute except 1!! This one was a family, Adriana & Mailo & their 2 sons Breno and Samuel. They are really great and really are interested, especially Mailo. AND Adriana Mailo and Breno accepted baptism!! (Not Samuel because he is only 6...) But they didn't accept a date but I really think that they will one day! It was great!! They really are awesome!!

Friday- We visited with Grizielle and her 4 kids (well 3 and 1 niece...) and read part of the book of Mormon with them. We then visited with Luci-mar a bit and helped her make food for her daughter, Jeanny's baby shower. We then visited with a new family that is friends with Luci-mar, Maria Onede and her 3 kids Amanda, Leonardo, and Maciel. All 3 kids accepted baptism on the 13th!! We then visited the family we found Tuesday (not Helazangela). It was good, we just taught the first lesson, but they seem interested!
Saturday- CONEFERENCE!!! :D So we went to the stake center for conference and it was really good only problem was it was all in Portuguese and I couldn't really understand. :( It was sad. I understood a few parts and they were great but the whole talk....nope. :( And then none of our people came today. But afterward we went to the baby was more like sitting at a restaurant to eat. It was odd. But they were SO happy we were there so it made up for the oddness....
Sunday- CONFERENCE AGAIN!! I really love conference now!! Just sayin'!! BUT same problem as Saturday. Couldn't understand. :( And no investigators. :'( AND THEN afterwards we were talking to some Elders and they said "Oh Sisters why didn't you just ask to watch conference in English in the secretary's office?" We about cried at this point. We were so upset. Then we called Sister Puckett and she got to watch it in English. Yeah. We are still a bit tender about this...BUT they said that we can use our study times to watch conference in English! So there's that!
Monday- So this morning we started watching conference in English!! IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!! I got up to the talk from Edward Dube. I will start there next time! :) Nossa! I just gotta say it again! CONFERENCE WAS GREAT!!!!!! :D I just want to print out every talk just to read them again and again!!! :)
Sister Emma Marion

This is a fruit called jaca (jack-a). It is horrible to the taste. It tastes like a slimy slightly off banana. :{

MTC Friends (currently serving in the same zone)
Sister Kimball, Sister Puckett, Sister Marion
Washing dishes with Sister Kimball is always an adventure!

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