Monday, October 28, 2013

Brazil - Week 26

Yeah so I'm still trying to process that I have been on a mission for 7 months already!!! I only have 11 months left! That's only like 11 fast Sundays!! 8o

Tuesday- We visited with Maria Oneide, Marciel, Leonardo, and Amanda and read 2 Nephi 31 with them and talked about the gospel of Christ. It was really good!! We then visited with Katia's mom Lauriçe with Irmã Josefa it was good but there was a lot of interruptions and we need to teach the lesson again we think. But after that everything else fell through... :/

Wednesday- We did weekly planning and it was really good! I fell a lot more organized! (haha I know organized ;) )And then we visited with Janie and taught the 1st lesson (restoration) and it was super good at the end we really felt the spirit and we know that she did too. Then when we were leaving we got a phone call from Sister Clark (sister training leader) and she told us that her companion Sister Carvalho was doing a split in a city 4 hours away and they didn't realize until they got home that she has they keys to the house and they need a place to stay for the we had a sleepover! ;) 

Thursday- We had a zone meeting and interviews with President Reber. He is awesome! He started off just saying how proud he is of me and that he got a text form our Bishop thanking him for assigning the Elders and Sisters he did in that ward because we are really blessing the ward and area. It is so nice to know that people realize how much we are working and really are grateful for the work we do. Sometimes you really just need a thank you. *My invite for everyone reading this; Go to the missionaries in your ward and thank them for their work and sacrifices. It means the world to know that the members care and are grateful for what we do!* AND I GOT MY PACKAGE AND 2 LETTERS!!! Thanks SOOOOOOO much everyone!!!!! I loved every bit!!! It really made my week!!!!!! 

Friday- We started off the day teaching this lady (who reminds me of Heather *my aunt*) who sells really good juice!! Her name is Walleria. She is really awesome and really is interested in learning about the church. It was a good lesson. Then after lunch we visited an inactive member Vanessa and realized she doesn't really have a testimony. So we are going to start working with her. We then visited with Luci-Mar, she is just awesome. :) 

Saturday- So today we got a really awesome call!! (Back story- So we have started putting Book of Mormons (with the church's address and hours and our cell number) in mail boxes) A guy named Anderson called us and said that he found a Book of Mormon in his mail box with this number in it and he wants to know what this book is!! Yay!! So we will be visiting with him this next week!! :D We then visited with an ex-investigator from 2 yrs. ago named Vanessa. It was a super lesson and she accepted baptism without any problems!! So we are going to prepare her to be baptized on Nov. 3!! :D It was awesome!! We then visited with a new invest. named Lourdes. And this is where it gets sad. She told us that her son is against all religions that isn't his own and he found the Book of Mormon we gave her and ripped it up and burned it. My heart broke when she told us that. :'( And it all went down hill from there. We planned on doing our English class but no one showed up. I was really upset and disappointed. I don't know what more we could have done to advertise. But I will do SOMETHING more and try again this week. :(

Sunday- So today was really great! It was the birthday of our investigator, Eva, and we threw her a surprise party at her neighbor's house!! They are members and so they invited her and her family to a Family night and when she got there we actually had the elder that started teaching her there and I used the cake y'all sent me and candles and balloons and the crepe streamers. It was super great!!! She LOVED it!! And she was soooo surprised!! She almost cried when she told us that no one has ever thrown her a surprise party before!! But we were happy to do it and the birthday supplies went to a good cause!!! :) 

Monday- So today was AWESOME!!! All of the sisters in Cuiabá got together with President and Sister Reber and they took us to the water fall and the stone in the center of South America! It was so much fun!! It was the closet thing we can get right now to a "Day out with Dad"! :) And he kept calling us his daughters. Even to strangers!! They was this group of people on the trail to the water fall when we were leaving and they said something to President (I think they were asking for directions) and he said something like "follow the line of my daughters." :) It really makes you feel good to know you have a "Dad" close by.....but it makes me miss my real Dad more!!! But my camera died sooo I have to wait for the other sisters to send me all of the pictures!!! But I sent the few I had!!! It was super awesome!!! :)
Sister Emma Marion
Birthday Princess Crown from sister Tori!

The center of South America with Sister Goncalves

Center of South America with all the sisters in Cuiaba area
(see Monday entry)

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