Monday, October 14, 2013

Brasil - Week 24

Wow this transfer went by so fast!!

Monday- So Monday night we met this lady when we were getting off the bus and she just started talking to us about the church and we were like oh cool! So we kept talking and then she tells us that actually she is really happy to meet us because her pastor told her the other day that she will meet 2 foreigners that will have an invite for her and a message. 0.0 She then met this point she started crying and told us her life story and how God really has saved her and stuff like that. We were like WOW!! So we gave her a BoM and marked a time to visit with her. 

Tuesday- So we got 2 referrals today from the Bishop's wife and so we visited them and marked a day to visit. But one of the referrals is her cousin who has already been to church so we also had a mini lesson with her. After that we went to visit Grizielle and her 3 kids and niece who have a baptism date for Sunday and we watched the restoration video with them and we talked about testimonies. It was a good time! :) We then visited with Maria Oneide and her son Maciel who has a baptism date for Sunday and her 2 other kids. We talked about the gospel of Christ which talks about faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. And to explain better about repentance we did a little activity where we had a glass of water to represent our bodies and we used my red Kool-aid (thanks family!!) to represent sin and explained that when we sin our bodies are dirty (insert kool-aid in water here) BUT we can always repent so we can be clean again (pour bleach in the kool-aid water here)! It went well! It was a good little activity for them!! Then we had a mini lesson with Cleberson and then with Mialon and Adriana where we talked about conference and showed them where they could watch the conference talks! 

Wednesday- SO this was a crazy day!!! SO our district meeting got moved to Thursday so we decided to do our weekly planning so we started and then went to lunch and then went to visit Dalva who is this awesome ice cream lady! She is like the sweetest person ever! She stays open longer just for us if we want ice cream that day and always is supporting us! So we decided to teach her. But when we got there she was getting a card machine to use in her shop so she asked if we could come back later, we agreed and went home to finish weekly planning. So when we got inside it started POURING DOWN RAIN like a lot!! So we were happy we were inside and not trying to work right then. But when it started raining our District leader called and asked if we were caught in the rain and we said no and started talking to him when Sister Kimball gets up to get water from the kitchen and then she starts screaming "OUR HOUSE IS FLOODING!!! SISTER!!! Our house is FLOODING!!!" So I ran to the kitchen and sure enough it was starting to flood. What happened was we have this part of our house that is outside for laundry and it has a drain on the floor that doesn't work so water just stays, so when it started raining out the wazoo the water wasn't draining and was just filling up outside and then overflowing into the house! SO Elder John was on the phone when we were realizing this so he was all like "What?! Sisters?! Whats happening?!?!" Because all he really is hearing is us screaming! So I tell him that the house is flooding so he tells me "Sister just get a bucket and start shoveling water out!!" So I hand the phone to Sister Kimball and try to get the back door open (which was stuck)! So I'm pulling and tugging on the door and Sister Kimball is talking to Elder John and then she gets the squeegee and starts pushing the water out the front door and into the bathroom so it won't get into our room or on our stuff. Finally she gets it good enough and she comes to help me pry the door open. So I ran outside and she went back to the squeegeeing. So I grabbed one bucket and put it under the sink (which leaks...a lot...) to catch water there and then the other bucket and started throwing water over the side of the house. This went on for about 2 hours in the pouring rain. When finally I got the water level down and the rain started stopping I went back inside the house. I looked like I just took a bath. I was SOAKED! And Sister Kimball was a mess too! I had to change all of my clothes. There was only one very tiny part of my shirt that wasn't wet!! Needless to say we missed a few appointments....but they understood...

Thursday- So today was our district meeting. It was good. We talked about gifts of the Spirit. Like which ones we think we have and which ones we would like and how we can develop them! We then visited with Grizielle and the kids again and talked about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom....well actually WE didn't really was actually Grizielle's member aunt that explained. But it was good!! We then did their baptism records!! After that we went to visit with Maria Oneide and did the same thing!! But without Grizielle's aunt. Then we taught the Bishop's cousin (Rafaela) about the restoration and she accepted baptism!! :D Then we visited with Grizielle's sister Giovanna to see if Rebeca (the niece we have been teaching) can be baptized or not. She said she could! So we did her baptism record too!!

Friday- So today we had just a short visit with Grizielle and the kids and Maria Oneide and her kids to see how they were and then we have the "end of transfer cleaning day"!! Our house was SO clean after!! I+But it took ALL day!! We started about 3pm and ended at 9!! 

Saturday- YAY BIRTHDAY!!! :D So when I woke up today Sister Kimball had me walk blindfolded into our study room. Turns out she got up at 3am and put up birthday signs that she made every night this week when I was in the shower!! It was SOOO sweet!!! :} After lunch we had Maciel's baptism interview!! Then we had to find baptism clothes for all the children! We only had one.... 0.o But it got worked out. We then met with Katia, she is really sweet but really sad. Her husband died 4 months ago and now it is only her and her 2 daughters who are 11 and 9. It was just a mini lesson but it was good! They said that they like it when we visit! :} And that they will go to church tomorrow!! We then visited with Cleberson. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him. It was good! :)

Sunday- So at 6:40 this morning we got a text from Grizielle saying that the kids dad won't let them get baptized or go to church. We were very heartbroken. But Rebeca could still get baptized! So we hurried up and got dressed and went to the church hoping to see Rebeca and Giovanna there, but they weren't. So we dropped our stuff and almost RAN to her house 15 minutes away. They didn't answer the door or their phone. We were really sad but hurried back to the church. They never showed up. BUT Luci-Mar did! And Maria Oneide and her kids!! SO Luci-Mar got the gift of the Holy Ghost and Maciel got baptized!! And Leonardo (Maria Oneide's other son) can get baptized this next Sunday!!! After the baptism we went to Giovanna and Rebeca's house and Rebeca said that her mom was sleeping and they didn't go to church because they got up late. Huhhh. We'll keep working with them. After that we visited with Maciel and Maria Oneide and Leonardo and read 3 Nephi 11 with them. It was good! We then visited with Luci-mar and taught Jeanny (her daughter) about the restoration. It was really good! I am almost positive that she will get baptized. 

AND TRANSFERS!!!! Sister Kimball is being transferred to Dourados, which is in Mato Grosso do Sul. She will actually live in the same house as Sister Luca!!! I will be staying here and my new companion will be the Sister that Sister Puckett finished training! Her name is Sister Gonçalves. (I think that's how you spell it.... :/) I'm really sad that Sister Kimball is leaving but I know that she will have  GREAT time in the south!! I'm really gonna miss her!! 
Sister Emma Marion
 Maciel's baptism

Flooded apartment!
(see details on Wednesday entry above)

Happy Birthday, Sister Marion!

Birthday surprise from sweet, Sister Kimball
(see Saturday entry above)

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