Monday, October 21, 2013

Brazil - Week 25

Monday- So Sister Kimball left crying. It was a sad time. But I know that she will like it in the south!
And my new companion is Sister Gonçalves she is from Santa Catarina in the south of Brasil. She is really cool and has like a British accent...but she speaks Portuguese....its hard to explain but its cool!! :D 

Tuesday- We visited with this inactive member and we were talking with him to see why he stopped going and we realized it was because he believes in reincarnation.....and the church doesn' yeah...we gave him a pamphlet about the plan of salvation. We then visited with Luci-mar and Jeanny and read 2 Nephi 31 with them and talked about the gospel of Christ and baptism. But Jeanny says that she wants to wait until after the baby is born to get baptized because she wants to know for sure that these feelings are her own and not just because of the baby. We then visited Katia and taught her the first lesson it went well!! :)

Wednesday- It really wasnt a very productive day. We had to go to the market because Sister Gonçalves and I didn't have time to get her food on P-Day but we taught Rosangela who is a referral from the was okay. They just don't have a desire to go to church...

Thursday- We talked with Grizielle and her kids and Rebeca today about the commandments. It was good; the only thing stopping them from getting baptized is their dad. We then talked with Katia's mom and marked a day to teach her and then Luci-Mar and asked what she wants to learn about (temples she said) and then we visited with Maria Oneide and her kids and  when we were visiting with them we asked  Amanda if she was going to go to church sunday and she said yes and so we jokingly said "and one day get baptized right??" and she said "Yeah I want to be baptized Sunday." We were SO surprized and excited for her!!! She has already been to church and had the same lessons as the others so we told her she could and she was. It was the best thing ever!  We then had a meeting where we met the new elder, Elder Wright from Idaho Falls! 

Friday- So we finished our weekly planning today and the visited with Maria Oneide and Amanda and Leonardo and Maciel and did the baptism records and then we visited with Luci-mar and talked with her about temples! We then visited with an ex-investigator of the Elders that only stopped because a lady at church told her that she couldn't come to church in pants.... >:[ YOU CAN! We were a bit upset with that lady when we read that. But we visited with her and she seems really excited!! Her son is already an active member! So we just gotta help her get over her embarrasment! But we marked a date to visit with her again and she said that she would make us bread!! :D

Saturday- We had the baptism interviews and then we went to an appointment in the other area (because her husband doesn't want her talking disscussions from elders because they are young men) and SHE WASN'T THERE X{ It was a waste of R$3(for the bus pass)!!!!! But then we came back and made invites for church and we decided to teach English for a service project/way of getting new investigators!! Its good we have 3 Americans here. Its gonna be fun!! 

Sunday- SO we were almost late to church today! Because of the hour change...we thought the cell phone would change by itself....but nope. Luckily we got there in time and we called the Elders at 8:30 (when church starts) and they were just leaving their I explained about the hour change and they were freaking out. It was funny. :) We then had 2 baptisms!!! Leonardo and Amanda!!! :D We then were talking with Maria Oneide (their mom) and she said that now that their souls are saved she will get married and get baptized!! :D It was a great time!!! :D
Sister Emma Marion

Baptism of Amanda and Leonardo Awesome Day!! (see Thursday entry)
New companion, Sister Goncalves

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