Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brazil - Week 28

Tuesday- We got a call from our Zone Leaders asking for us to try and get 2 baptisms for Sunday. We were really surprised!! And kind of stressed out a bit but we were actually in the church getting water and so we went in to the chapel and prayed about which people should be baptized this Sunday. And we felt that the 3 children of Rosangela were ready and able to be baptized this Sunday. So we went and visited with them and talked to them about this experience we had and they agreed!!! :D So we will have 3 baptisms this week!!! 

Wednesday- Today was SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! And yes mother I used sunscreen today. ;) But yeah we went to visit our new investigator, Ivanil, who lives 1 hour away. It was great!! Her daughter-in-law was there and when we pulled out the picture of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist she got really excited and started saying "John the Baptist!! Oh how great is that!!" It was kind of funny!! We went to visit an new investigator Zeferino with the Patriarch and this guy is like REALLY bad off. Like he really is only alive because of Heavenly Father's plan. Like really 20 yrs ago he got an electrical shock of 30,000 and got thrown really far away and broke his legs and skull and he is still alive. He is just paralyzed from the waist down. And he lives alone and washed his own clothes and cleans the house and everything! But he knows the importance of baptism and agreed to be baptized. We just need to mark a date!! We then went home and worked on our weekly planning and then we visited with Eva! We watched the Restoration video. Its really great!! There really was the Spirit there during the film. Because it really happened!! Everything! From Joseph Smith seeing God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ to translating the Book of Mormon. Its all true! I know that 100%. 

Thursday- We had the baptismal interviews of the kids. It went really well!! We then finished our weekly planning and then had a family night with Luci-Mar and watched the video Together Forever. It was cute. And I think it helped her family think about what they really want. and if they want the blessings that only come after baptism in the Savior's church with His authority.

Friday- We visited again with Ivanil and Claydinice (her daughter-in-law) and we actually got to mark a date for Ivanil's baptism!! Our goal is for the 24th of November!!! It was a good day!! 

Saturday- We went with a member to visit this referral that lives 3 hours away from our house. Luckly this member, Edilane, has a car!! it was really cool but turns out that this lady hasn't lived in this house for 8 yrs....but her mom lives there and we talked with her and gave her a Book of Mormon!! we then went to the church for the baptism!!!! :D Yay!! It was great! They were soo happy!! The came out of the water smiling!! :) After the baptism we have a relief society activity!! It was the BEST!! It was about self worth and they had like a mini fashion show that they asked SIster Gonçalves and I to participate was great!! And they had people doing makeup and we have a member in our ward who is a psychiatrist and she talked about self esteem. It was just really fun! 

Sunday- We went to visit with Zeferino again and he accepted the baptism date 11-24!! and then we went with the Primary president to visit with Marciel. It was great! He is an awesome kid....but I still think he has ADD......and then after that we were working like normal trying to do contacts and we passed the main road and in the middle there was this giant van for "Caravana Mato Grosso" and we were like "Hey I wonder if they would let us use the microphone to ask this big group of people if they want to learn about the gospel??" So we went over and asked and they were like "Yeah we don't have time for that but what you're doing is so awesome we'll do an interview with you instead!!" So they interviewed us, they just asked questions about what we're doing here and what's our message. So we just did a contact like normal but with a camera recording it....It was so great and we told them that if they want to learn about the gospel find the 2 young men walking around with social clothes and name tags, they are called Elders, and they can help you or the young women, called sisters. It was a great oppurtunity and we are so happy we took this chance. They told us that this will be sent out to all of Mato Grosso, which we are thinking includes Mato Grosso do Sul. :) Which is our whole mission! We feel really cool. :)
Sister Emma Marion
3 baptisms with Elder Wright from Idaho Falls (see Tuesday entry)

Month 7

walking in the rain!

P-day with sisters and President: Overlooking the city of Cuiaba

It's summer in Brazil! (see Wednesday entry)

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