Monday, November 18, 2013

Brazil- Week 29

Monday- so today after emailing we bought french fries and took them home where we put cheese on top and had a yummy lunch!! XD Then we took naps!! :D

Tuesday- We walked to a neighborhood (Jardim Maringá ) that is 1 hour away () and meet with this 19yr old boy and taught him the 1st lesson (restoration) then we walk 15 more minutes and visited with Cleodinice and taught her about the gospel of Christ. She really wants to be baptized but she needs to get married first... :/ That is one common problem here. People don't get married...they just live together for 20 yrs!!! 

Wednesday- So we went back to Jardim Maringá and visited with this lady, Italá. She is really great....but needs to get married..... ugh. We finished our visits early and decided to do contacts. After a brief discussion about which neighborhood we went to Cohab Cristo Rei. While we were there this guy stopped us and said "Hi sisters! I am a member from the Lucas ward. Do you have some time to talk right now?" So we told him yes and he said to follow him. So we did and he started explaining to us that earlier that morning his mom (Maria dos Anjos) told him that the only church she will agree to be baptized in is the Mormon church and if he can find the missionaries she will talk to them. It was pure inspiration that we decided to go to Cohab Cristo Rei that day and we are really glad that we did!! I'm really glad to know that we are worthy to receive these spiritual promptings that are helping families. This lady has 12 kids and only 1 is a member....because we were worthy and listening we can help save 13 souls!  After that we visited with a new investigator, Nailsi. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and how she can see her son (who dies when he was 6) again. And I actually did a service project there. I sewed her granddaughter's backpack straps to the bag again. Thank you mommy and grandmothers for teaching me how to sew!! It really made them really happy and I sewed it back really tight so it will stay longer. :)

Thursday- We visited with Zeferino again and taught about the 10 commandments and actually threw his coffee in the trash!!! (With his permission of course.) We then visited with Luci-Mar and then Maria Oneide. They were all good visits! Then we finished our weekly planning. :)

Friday- We had a district meeting today. It was really great!! We talked about the wrong assumptions that people have about the church and how we can teach them the right doctrine. He did this by have the sisters on one team and the elders on the other and he gave us a question and we had one minute to thinnk of a responce and find a scripture to support our answer. If we got it right we got a point if we got it wrong he threw a cap full of water in our faces. It was a lot of fun!! But in the end we lost and each elder got a turn throwing water in our faces....luckily it was hot out....hehe!! We then visited with Maria dos Anjos and talked about the restoration some more. She then fed us dinner!! :)

Saturday- So this morning I made a puzzle out of cardboard and a picture of Christ to explain better about without the Priesthood we don't have the complete picture. It turned out really great!! Then we went to Luci-mar's house and did 2 service projects!!! 1) Sister Gonçalves helped her learn how to make bread, and 2) I helped Jeanny organize her room and the baby clothes for when Matheus is born it will be a lot easier for her. :) I LOVED IT!!! I organized the baby clothes by type (ie. with sleeves/with out, onesie/shirt, ect.) and by color! :)

Sunday- We just had a day of contacts after church. A new member, Marcia (the bishop's mom) went with us! It was really cool!! We ended the day with 6 lessons with members!!! :)

Monday- So this morning I finished reading 'Our Search for Happiness'. It was really great!!! I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!! :) 

Sister Emma Marion

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