Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brazil - Week 27

Tuesday- So today we had a split with Sister Carvalho and Sister Clark. I went with SIster Carvalho to her area called Coxipo. It was super great but I missed my area!!! 

Wednesday- We visited with Eva our dear new friend!! And she said that she would go to church with us this week!! :D We then visited with the cousin of a returned missionary, Mike(RM), his name is Iam Ceaser.....yeah seriously thats the kids name...but it was good. We talked to him about the correct form of baptism and recieving the Holy Ghost. Which is the form that says in the bible. It was a good lesson. We then were accidently part of a visiting teaching lesson when we went to a members house to teach her nonmember husband. But all is welll all is welll!!! :)

Thursday- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We spent just about all day in our house doing weekly planning! XP But it was a good planning session!! :) But when we left the house a black cat ran in front of Sister Goncçalves!!!! 8o I told her she needs to be careful because she will fall on the ground now because of the bad luck but she didn't believe me...

Friday- So today after lunch (which was an at home meal)  Sister Gonçalves was walking barefoot to the kitchen and slipped on some water that was on the ground (without our knowledge)! I told her this would happen! (See Thursday)  ;) But we then visited with Luci-Mar and then a new investigator, Ariele. She is 20 and really cool. She really wants to know if this church is true or not. After that we visited with Dalva (our friend that sells icecream) and talked to her about the church. :) It was good! 

Saturday- so today we visited with a member Jackline and her nonmember husband André and talked top him about the church.....he is really closed minded. But then we visited with Rosangela and she said that she would go to church...we'll see.....she doesn't really seem very interested...BUT after that we passed by a memvber's house and she gave us some new clothes!!!! Well new for us....but I got some new shirts!! They are cute!! And Sister Gonçalves got new skirts!! :)

Sunday- Sooooo Rosangela went to church...and after sacrament she agreed to be baptized on the 17th...I guess she was interested after all..... :) We then did contacts all day and went to the ward councel meeting. It was really great!! We are going to be doing some really awesome stuff!! :) We then went with Kelson, our "ward mission leader" and the 2nd councelor in the bishopric, to visit with Jeanny and give her a blessing of health for her and her soon-to-be-born baby, Matheus. It was really good and Jeanny's boyfriend was there so we talked to hima bout the church. :)

Monday- So we just plan on sleeping all day..... ;) 
Sister Emma Marion

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