Monday, November 25, 2013

Brazil - Week 30

Monday- So tonight we visited with Grizielle! (For those who don't remember her she is an inactive member whose  kids want to be baptized but their dad won't let them and won't let her or the kids go to church.) It was a good visit we were hoping he would be there so we could talk to him and see why he won't let them go to church. But he left before we got there. :/ We then visited with a new investigator, Mari Leide. She is the daughter of Maria dos Anjos and has a brother who is a member in another city. After talking with her a while she actually agreed to be baptized on 12/8!!

Tuesday-   So today Sister Gonçalves woke up sick with a sore throat and a slight fever so we stayed home which was good because we got a call that night saying that we will be moving the next day to a better house that is behind a members house!! So we packed up our stuff!! We then got a call from Luci-mar saying that Jeanny(her pregnant daughter) fell on her belly and is now in the hospital. What happened was Monday night the police went to the bar by their house and started shooting (apparently this is common.......) so Jeanny and Luci-Mar started running to get inside the house and Jeanny fell and landed on her belly. So as soon as it was safe they got Luciano(Luci-mar's son because Luci-mar doesn't know how to drive) and got the neighbor's car (because Luci-mar's husband drove the car to work) and drove her to the hospital where they realized that she has been losing the fluid that protects the baby and he can only stay in her belly for a maximum of 4 more days. 

Wednesday- So we moved today to the new house!! IT IS GREAT!! Its perfect for missionaries!! Its small but has everything we need!! Only problem is our We got a call from an inactive member that we don't know who said that she has a neighbor that needs us and for us to come to her house the next night to visit with him. 

Thursday-So we went to the inactive member(Eunézi)'s house and turns out that this kid's name is Danilo and he is 21 and he has been snorting crack since he was 13 and wants to stop. So the only thing I could think of to help him was the technique in the missionaries and members book, commitment to Christ to stop smoking. So we tried it out! We sang a hymn and then just talked to him about the love our father in heaven and Jesus Christ have for him and committed him to stop for 24hrs and we would visit him the next day. We also gave him the photo of Christ in the gospel of Christ pamphlet and told him that every time he had a desire to smoke just look at the picture and remember the love our savior has for him and if that isn't enough to call us and we can help him through the urge. We later learned that he did just that-minus the calling part. His mother told Eunézi that all night long he was looking at the picture then praying and repeating until he could finally go to sleep. And Jeanny had a c-section today and took baby Matheus out. He was born 3 weeks early but he is healthy and fine....just small. Like none of his clothes fit him right. :)

 Friday- After lunch we bought a new stove!! :D Our old one wasn't working right but this new one is awesome and we should be getting it Monday or Tuesday!! :D We then visited with Danilo again and the 2nd councilor in the bishopric, Kelson, went with us and gave him a blessing!! Danilo also said that he will go to church Sunday!! :D 

Saturday- So all of our appointments fell through except one. His name is Davis and we taught him and his friend Lucas about the restoration. It went really well and Davis agreed to be baptized!!! :D We then went and taught an English class but the only people that showed up were Davis and Lucas...:/ But they loved it!! Its so cool to teach people a second language!! I still can't believe I know a second language now....@.@

Sunday- So this morning we got a call from Eunézi saying that her car died and her and Danilo don't have a way to get to church so we got the Patriarch to drive us there and get them. Its a good thing we did because he was our only investigator at church today. :( We then went back home to study and then we visited with Luci-Mar and Jeanny and Matheus!! He is super cute!! :) 
Sister Emma Marion
Moving to a new apartment (see Wednesday entry)

The "divas" at a Relief Society activity

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