Monday, January 13, 2014

Brazil - Week 37

Monday- So when I was talking to you I got a call from the Executive Secretary saying that they were on their way to our house. So we quickly left and got home and then they came and we left with them in a taxi van and they dropped us off at our LZs house and we waited out front for another taxi (haha it was a bit complicated) and when they were leaving the ex-executive sec., Elder Kay, told me that I left something in the taxi van and handed me a box from MY FAMILY!!! :D YAY!!! So I quickly opened it!! Haha I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Especially the came!! Haha!! Its super cute!! And also the letters and food!! <3 Thank you all soooo much!!! Then I got on a bus at 6 and got to Cáceres at was a long day. :/

Tuesday- So we had a busy day today. We visited a referral named Josimar. She is really great and really interested! :) then we visited with an inactive member a bit then we visited with a new member named, Jussara. She is really awesome!! :) Then we taught this 9 yr old girl named, Yasmin. She is wanting to be baptized and her aunt is a member! She is really sweet. :) Then we visited with her aunt Tania. :) After that we went to the church for a meeting and then visited with another recent convert. One thing this area isn't lacking is new members!! 

Wednesday- So today after lunch with Jussara she went with us to visit an inactive member named Cristiana. It was really great! But Cristiana doesn't really want to go back to church with out her husband but he isn't a member.... :/ But in the end she said that she will go Sunday! :) Then we had a branch family night, it was really great!! It really helps the branch stay close!! :)

Thursday- Today we had our weekly planning then we went to try and visit these 10 yr old twins who were baptized recently but they weren't home so we visited a bit with their grandmother. Then we went and visited with another inactive member who isn't going to church because she doesn't like that it is only Sunday morning.....then we visited with another inactive member named Edineia. She is a bit complicated but she said that she will come to church too! Vamos ver! (Let's see!!)

Friday- So today we had a district meeting and then we used the only bus to go to lunch and then we walked to then end of the world and did some contacts and then we walked back and visited with an inactive member and then another that is only inactive because she had a surgery and can't open and close her gate because it is we offered to open and close it for her. haha.

Saturday- After lunch we went to the church and helped clean and an 8 yr old girl was going to be baptized so we had to clean the font....but the door was locked so we had a great idea.....we dropped a chair in the font and then Sister Martinez climbed down to the chair and then into the font and then she handed me the chair and started cleaning and then she turned on the font and then we started thinking about how she could get out without having to put the chair in the font again because then we wouldn't be able to get it out.... she she climbed on the stairs and then stretched out to the other side of the font and I grabbed her arm and pulled her over, haha it was SO funny!! But then she had to get back in to finish the last part of cleaning and then Jussara and her husband, Elton, came to help us clean the rest of the church and so Elton reached in and pulled her out again haha!!! Then we had the baptism, it was really cute!! :) Her dad got to baptize her...its been a while since I've seen that!! 

Sunday- Today was good, Cristiana and Edineia came to church!! Then after that we had a 5 minute meeting to talk about who wasn't at church and what we need to do to visit them....then we went to lunch really far away and then we visited with our inactive branch mission leader and talked a long time with him and then Jussara told us that she made us dinner so we went over there!! It was a good day!! :)

Sister Emma Marion
Finally received her "Hump Day" package

New area: Caceres, Brazil (100 miles from Bolivian border)
New companion: Sister Martinez from Buenos Aries Argentina
Same zone: Cuiaba Zone


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