Monday, January 20, 2014

Brazil - Week 38

Monday- So we went to Jussara's house and wrote letters and talked all day  haha 

Tuesday- So today we left Cáceres at 12:30am to go to Cuiabá....then we had a zone meeting and then we stayed in Cuiabá until 6pm because of the bus hours. :/ Its really tiring. But it was really fun! :) 

Wednesday- So my shoes we went to a shoe repaire man and he fixed them right up!! We had had a family night  far away after that but it was really great!! There was a lot of nonmembers there and we had a lesson/ was about following the Holy Ghost! But then when we got home Sister Martinez went to the bathroom and then I heard he calling my name so I went over there and she was on the floor! Apparently her blood pressure dropped so much that she couldn't stay standing up!! So I quickly got her some water and had her eat some apple she then was able to get up and went to her bed she then told me that she has low blood pressure...but wow! It was crazy!! 

Thursday- Today she was still so weak that we just stayed home so she could sleep! But then that night we went to the church and did the young women activity!! They liked it! We talked about standing in holy places! :) 

Friday- We had lunch really far away so then after we visited with Regina! She wants to be baptized but we don't have a way for her to get to church!! :( But we will do what we can!! Then Jussara called and asked us to help her so we went to her house! Then when we got home we planned and then Sister Martinez went to take a shower, after a bit I heard her calling me so I went over there and she was in the door way and told me to look in the shower....I did and there was a scorpion! Now we have already found 2 dead in the house but this one was alive!! So when he started moving we screamed and shut the door and ran for our room and called Elder Duncan our LD....he then explained to us how to safely kill a scorpion. So I grabbed a water hose and Sister grabbed a broom and metal dustpan and I threw water on him to stun him and then she started hitting with a broom and this whole time we are like screaming and Elder was on speaker phone listening haha then after a bit he started moving again so I grabbed the dustpan and started wacking!!! He died after that. But then we were acared to use that shopwer so we went to the other bathroom in our room but I left my shower stuff so I went back out and I saw a male scorpion in our doorway!!! But we scared him and he went away but he was so close to getting we called Elder Duncan again adn he called president and told him our situation and president let us sleep at a member's house until we get rid of the scorpions. But no one answerewd their phones so we slept very badly with lots of fear...

Saturday- Today we did contacts and then we went and slept at Jussara's house!! It was really fun!! Love her!! :)

Sunday- Church!! We have some work to do here thats for sure!! But the members are so sweet!! :) Then we did contacts and then had a meeting and then went back to Jussara's house!! She is so sweet to let us stay!! 

Sister Emma Marion
Cuiaba Zone

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