Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brazil - Week 39

Monday- So Jussra had to go with her youngest daughter to the hospital for a corrective surgery. So we went to Adauto (branch pres.) and Cristiane's house and had a family night/sleepover. It was really nice! :)

Tuesday- So after lunch we got on a bus and went to Cuiabá for our Zone Conference Wednesday and we had a sleepover at President Reber's house! It was so fun!! :) The beds were so comfortable that I couldn't sleep!! HAHA!! :D But President bought us pizza and we ate cookies it was cool. :)

Wednesday-We had our zone conference. It was sooo good!! It talked a lot about obedience and planning! I have some stuff to work on!! And then after we went got the 6pm bus and got home at 10:30.....it was a tiring day!

Thursday- So we used our the inspiration from yesterday and spent all day updating our area book!! Its a lot better now!! :) Then we had the young women activity! It was really fun we talked about faith and then I taught them how to make cookies!! :D

Friday- We had a long but productive day! We planned our day better and had extra time!! It was so nice!! We found 2 ladies who are really awesome!! They agreed to try and come to church and we gave them both Book of Mormons!! I am so excited to talk more with them, because I know that this book can CHANGE their lives!!! I just hope they are open to the change!! 

Saturday- We did a lot more contacts today, it was really good!! And then we had an appointment with a member's nonmember boyfriend, he is really awesome and has alread been to the church lots of times and really likes it!! He also agreed to be baptized!!!!! :D His name is Geovan! And he is 23 so he can still go on a mission!!!!! :D We then met up with the young women president, Juliana, and visited 2 inactive young women! It was really good! :) 

Sunday- So no one went to church today. it was kinda sad. Everyone that promised didn't come...... :( But after church we visited with 10 yr old twins who are recent members. It was cool we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon together and then I gave them some of the Propel water flavoring powder haha they loved it!! :) Then we visited with another new member named Rubens. He is really sweet. And he doesn't know how to cook so I made dinner for everyone haha chicken and rice!! Then he gave us juice and candy haha! :) Then we went home to have personal study and we decided to watch the Restoration video! It was really great!! :)

Sister Emma Marion

 chocolate chip cookies

The beautiful Pantanal

Playing in the rain

Teaching Young Women how to make chocolate chip cookies

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