Monday, January 6, 2014

Brazil - Week 36

Monday- We taught a man named Francisco. He is really awesome and really wants to be baptized!! But he has to come to church first and that has been the problem.... :/ But he already likes the Book of Mormon and really wants to follow its teachings!! :)

Tuesday- New Year's Eve!!! This morning the fireworks ALREADY started!! *.* But today we visited with this lady named Adriana. She has a life story!! Its crazy!! She was in the Military and a Sergent threw her against a wall and paralyzed half of her body for like 2 months then when she got better she tried to kill him.....0.0 Also her sister tried to kill her twice to get the house......her world is crazy!!! But she doesn't want to repent and we can't help her. Its really sad. :/ But after that we went to Kelson's house and had a birthday party for his daughter, Nicole. We stayed there until 11:30! We got home super tired but we couldn't really sleep because we had to wait for Ediliane and her family to get home because we had to deactivate the alarm for them.....the ended up getting home at 12:30. 

Wednesday- So today we woke up at 11!!! 0.0 It was GREAT!! And really we only woke up because we got a phone call....then we had lunch and  ate sitting on the couch.....then we cleaned the house and washed clothes then sat back on the couch......then while sitting on the couch we painted our nails and I colored in my coloring book....then I made cookies and we took lots of pictures and I practiced reading the Book of Mormon out loud in Portuguese. :) It was a great day! :D

Thursday- We had weekly planning and then after lunch we bought a fan for Sister Gonçalves then we did contacts all day!!! :D It was really great!!! We got 12 contacts and 13 lessons done and got 8 new investigators!! :)

Friday- We had a meeting then I carried a box of 40 Book of Mormons to our house 10 minutes was sooooo heavy!!! BUT I made it! But I now have bruises on both arms and because of how I was carrying it I have 2 on my stomach and my arms are still a bit sore....then we did more contacts!

Saturday- We went to visit this referral we got named João Henrique. When we got to his house he wasn't there but his mom was. So we started talking to her and he told us that her daughter died 8 days ago in a tragic motorcycle accident. She was riding on the back of the motorcycle with out a helmet with a drunk man driving and he ran a red light and they got hit by a bus.....she was killed instantly. She was 21 and has 2 little boys. Its so sad. But when we were talking to her she asked us the name of our church and we told her and she said "Mormons?" When we said yes she look at us for a moment and said that before her daughter died she gave her a birthday present and part of it was a Book of Mormon. So we asked to see it and when we opened it it had Sister Gonçalves signature in it. We were really stunned because we gave that book to a drunk man in the park when he would leave us alone. Apparently he gave that book to her daughter and her daughter gave it to her. Amazing right! And she already believes in a lot of the doctrines that we teach....we are still in shock and amazement at how obvious it is to see heavenly Father's plan here. And turns out that the Elder that gave this referral actually got it from member and he actually visited the wrong house and gave the wrong João......look at that heavenly plan!

Sunday- Today after church we had lunch with the president of the Relief Society again and then we went home and studied and then we did contacts and visited with this lady who believes in crazy you don't need to be baptized just have a change of heart....strange.....and then we got transfers! I will be going to a city called Cáceres. Its close to Bolivia!! And its a branch there!! So that should be fun! I will be in the same zone still and I will be with Sister Martinez. She is from Buenos Ares, Argentina and actually her trainer was Sister Luca too!!! :D She got Sister Luca when I left haha :)

Sister Emma Marion
Rita, an investigator

Happy New Year!

Month 8

Month 9 (silly kid!!)

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