Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 41

Monday- We were invited to dinner at Jussara's. :)

Tuesday- After lunch we went with Ruth (she is an american who is here to get her fiance and return to the states with him to get married....her brother served there...Elder Turner from Washington state....) to do some visits. First we visited a referral from Cristiana (an inactive member) named Rosalina. It went well but she doesn't like to leave her house so she won't go to church.....so we testified and gave her a Book of Mormon. Then we left and went to Cristana's house (she lives next door to this lady haha) and talked a bit with her and then we dropped Ruth off at her house and then we went and taught Seminary!! Haha yeah we are the seminary teachers until they can't call someone haha but its better because their Seminary is at night! 

Wednesday- So today we worked on our area book and then we went to visit with Margarida (Elton's mom) to teach her before her baptism Saturday!! :) Then she made us dinner!! :D

Thursday- We visited with a referral form a member named Jaqualine...she is 7. But her mom said they already have a religion. It was kind of sad because this girl was begging her mom to let her go to church. :( But after we went and visited a few new members and then we went to the church to teach seminary again. :) 

Friday- After lunch we had to go to the church and clean the baptismal font for the baptism Saturday.  Then when all was done we had seminary. But after seminary our district went out for pizza!!

Saturday- BAPTISM!!! Well first we taught seminary because we couldn't on Wednesday. I really like teaching seminary! Its cool!! It was sooo great!!! It was so awesome to see a son baptize his mom!! After the baptism we visited with José, a recent member. It was all in all a good day! :)

Sunday- So today was a bit different! We only had sacrament meeting today because the members needed to get home earlier to eat lunch so they could get back before 12pm to get on the bus to go to the temple!! I'm really jealous!! I wanna go too!!!! :´( But here I will stay....working!! :)  Then we went to Jussara's house and had dinner with them and Elder Duncan and I helped her prepare to teach her English class by translating a lot of stuff!!! It gave me a headache!!!! :/

Sister Emma Marion
In the jungle (Pantanal) of Brazil

suntan feet - Marion (R) Martinez (L)

Teaching seminary

Wet roads - no wonder her shoes broke

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