Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 42 - Cáceres, Brazil

This will be short because time is really short today!!!! Read after the Sunday entry for why.....

Monday- We had to wash clothes...... :/ That was our day.....

Tuesday- We had lunch with Ruth and Diego! It was fun!!! We talked a lot with them, hearing their mission stories! It was great!! But then it started raining a lot and we had to run home to get our clothes out of the rain!!! It was a crazy time!!!

Wednesday- Today we spent all day with Jussara helping her start to move to a bigger house close to her mom. It really took ALL day!!! 

Thursday- We finished helping Jussara move and helped organized her house.

Friday- We did our weekly planning and organized some stuff and called a few ex-investigators we found in the area book.

Saturday- Today was mission wide pre-transfer cleaning day!! So we stayed home all day and cleaned.....then we went and had pizza with the elders was suppose to be with a new member (Grisele) and her boyfriend (Geovan- our investigator) and aunt (Tate- who is also a new member) but last minute Grisele and Geovan got in a fight and he didn't want to go and then Tate and Grisele couldn't make it was just us 4..... :/ But it was fun. :)

Sunday- We had lunch with an inactive member, Cristiana. It was realllyyyy good!! It was a bar-b-que!! And one thing that they have sometimes that is REALLY yummy is grilled pineapple with cinnamon!!! ITS SO GOOD!!! You open the pineapple (just cut off the outter layer, it will be kind of a pentagon shape) and put cinnamon on all the sides and then up it over the fire like roasting marshmellows then when its hot you take it and cut it up how you want and EAT!!  <3 After that we went and visited a few new members and then had a metting at the church. 

TRANSFERS: I will be staying here with a sister from Peru, Sister Huayhuas. And Sister Martinez will be going to Lucas do Rio Verde here in Mato Grosso. She will be leaving today at 1:20pm and I will get my new companion tomorrow morning so I will be with Clary, a young woman in the branch, and she will stay the night with me.... SLEEP OVER!!! ;) But I really will miss Sister Martinez!!!!!!!!! :( </3 

Sister Emma Marion
Caceres district

Sister Marion, Jussara, Sister Martinez

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