Monday, February 24, 2014

Cáceres, Brazil - Week 43

Monday- So Sister Martinez left at 1:30pm and Clary (a YW in the branch) stayed the night with me. :) It was fun! haha We called people that I don't know but that were saved in the phone! It worked out great!!! haha!! We got a new investigator out of it!! :D

Tuesday- So Sister Huayhuas was suppose to get here at 10:30am but her bus from Lucas was delayed because of the rain and so she missed her bus here so Clary stayed longer with me and Sister Huayhuas got here at 3:30 BUTTTTTT here we have 2 bus stations....... 1) is in the middle of nowhere and far from our house and dangerous and 2) 5 minutes from our house and in the city......guess which one she got off at. Yup! You got it, the 1st one!!! So we called one of the few members with a car and he went and got her and brought her home!! I was stressing OUT!  BUT all went well!!

Wednesday- Not much happened because we had lunch with Jussara and now she lives like 1hr away.....but after lunch we went and taught seminary and then we went BACK to her house for a family night! It was really great! :) Then we got a ride home!! :D

ThursdayWhen we were leaving lunch it started raining and we were walking on a dirt, well muddy, road. And as we were walking we passed this car that had a tire stuck in one of those sidewalk drains with out a lid. We slowed down and the owner walked out of a nearby house with a big piece of wood. So we stopped and asked if he needed help. He told us that he didn't want us to get wet, but we quickly put down our umbrellas put our bags in them and went to help. After lots of work, and the help of 2 other men that stopped to help, we manage to raise the tire enough that the car started to roll right out of the hole! When it was done the man was so grateful and we started talking to him and we said that we were missionaries and he said "I just knew that you were people of God because only true followers would have stopped to help me." It was a really great when he said that! :) Then he and his niece offered to give us a ride to the church and then they gave us corn!! :D But when we got to the church and he left we realized that Wednesday night we left the keys to the church IN the church......

Friday- After lunch we went to the church and I helped Jussrara practice her English. It was fun! :) Then we had seminary and then we went and visited a girl that we called Monday named Thais....but she doesn't really want anything with the church.....just friends.....This happens a lot. :/

Saturday- SO we went to wait for the bus to go to lunch......and it never came.....then we called Luciane to let her know why we were late and she told us that the bus doesn't run on we started walking....then it started RAINING like someone dumped a swimming pool on our heads!!!! It was HORRIBLE! It was raining so hard we could barely see ANYTHING! So when we finally got to her house we were SOAKED.....also because 2 cars passed us by and sprayed us down :( So she gave us clothes. :) I got a blue and white polka dot dress and Sister got a black shirt and a skirt. :) 

Sunday- After lunch we tried to do contacts but Sunday is HORRIBLE to find people at home.....or sober...... :/ So we went to Jussara's because it was her birthday!! We got her chocolate and we have another special something but we can only get it today.....hehe ;) She's gonna love it!! :)
Sister Emma Marion
Sister Marion and Sister Huayhuas  (she is from Peru)
Corn for a good deed!
Emma's solution to getting their keys from the church building!! (see Thursday entry)

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