Tuesday, February 4, 2014

40 Weeks in Brazil!!!

Monday- So tonight Sister Gonçalves and Sister Grimes came to Cáceres to do a division. They will be staying here until Wednesday night.

Tuesday- So today I was with Sister Grimes. It was cool...she was the sister here before me...and she took my place in Várzea Grande. We did a lot of contacts today and then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader, who was the Branch president, Adalto. We then met with the lady names Ana Lucia. Ana agreed to be baptized!! It was really great!! Then we got ice cream and went home!! 

Wednesday- I was with Sister Gonçalves. Haha. It was strange being her companion again but in a different place...but it was good!! We visited an inactive member, Cristiana. Then we did some contacts and then we went to visit Geovan! But when we were visiting him he told us that he doesn't feel ready to be baptized yet....but he wants to....it was a very spiritual when this happened. So we will work more with him to help him be ready to be baptized! Then we went home so the sisters could get ready to leave at 2am. Then we went to sleep for a bit.....

Thursday- So at 4am Sister Gonçalves woke everyone up freaking out because they missed the bus. Haha but then we went back to sleep and then at 7am she called Elder Leão(ex. sec.) and he marked a bus at 8am for them. Then we had our weekly planning and then we had mutual at night. We made a cake and talked about virtue. It was cool. Then we played MASH with them haha.

Friday- We had a district meeting then we went to lunch really far away and stayed in that neighborhood and visited with a woman named Vanilza. She really wants to learn about the chuch!! So we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she promised to read it and pray. :)

Saturday- So we visited witht his lady named Maria that sister gonçalves and I found. But she really isn't too interessed so then we went and tried to visit this lady, Marilene, that Sister Grimes and I found but she wasn't home so we went to a family night :)

Sunday- Geovan came to church!! :D And also Elton's mom who isn't a member. So after church we had lunch at Ruben's (a recent member) where we had to cook because he doesn't know how......then we tried to visit this investigator that lives far away but when we got there they weren't there. :( So we ended up going to Jussara's house haha. While we were there we got a call from the President's assistnet who said that they had to call an emergency transfer and so Sister Martinez will be going to Campo Grande. :( Then President called me and told me about my new companion and how they needed my help with her. But then after like 10 minutes he called again and told us not to do anything until he calls us again.......then we got a call from Elder Leão awho said that they are going to try something else out first.....so we will be staying together longer now!!! Haha crazy right!!!! ;)

Sister Emma Marion
Cooking for a new member

Sister Martinez trying to cross a mud hill.

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