Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Campo Grande, Brazil - Week 2 (BEST Mother's Day EVER!!!)

Tuesday- I left Cuiabá at 7pm and had a 11 hour bus ride! On the bus I had a companion whose name I cannot spell but I told you about her last night...she is really sweet even though I can't really understand her. Oh super cool part is while we were on the bus we passed though like a deserted area (like just fields of grass and trees) and because there was no lights around there were SO many stars!! It was the coolest thing ever!! I LOVED it!!! It was soooo pretty!! I wish I could have taken a picture but it was too dark for a camera. Maybe Dad's camera would work but not mine. :(

Wednesday- I arrived in Campo Grande and met Sister Luca and Sister Carvalho(<--portuguese for oak! haha). Sister C knows some english so she helps me when I really just cannot understand and tells me what food is what sometimes...mostly the english name for fruits...and we always have lunch with them too so thats good for me. So they picked us up and we rode the bus home and unpacked a bit and went tracting. The other sisters are new to the area too so we need new investigators.

Thursday- Nothing exciting happened. Lots of walking...oh but we got 3 new investigators! So thats cool!! ;)

Friday- We got another investigator and it was really cool because she stopped us while we were walking down the road and told us that other missionaried gave her daughter the restoration pamphlet and she thought it was cool so we taught her the first lesson and I helped teach!! Woo hoo!! And I got to recite the 1st vision!! It was awesome!! :)

Saturday- It was kinda an off day and we didn't really get much people but we were walking and I saw this old lady bent over scraping up leaves with her hands and we walked past but I had this strong feeling I needed to offer to help her, like really though, two healthy young women can't just walk by like that..especially when they are sister missionaries! So I went back and offered to help but she turned me down and we started talking and turns out her son or grandson (can't remember) is a member and he was there so we talked with him and turns out he isn't active anymore and has made some bad decisions and so sister luca talked to him about coming back to church adn repentance and such, it was cool!

Sunday- Church! I bore my testimony again because the Bispo asked me to. Then after that we had lunch with a member and her daughter (there is a picture of us) then we went to the Bispo's house and I SAW YOU!!! <3

We have now come full circle!!  ;) Haha!!
Eu amo voces!!!!

Sister Emma Marion
Emma was able to Skype us for Mother's Day!  What a wonderful, amazing Mother's Day gift!!  We had told her that we were not getting enough information from her about her area or companion, so this is what she sent us.  Sure love that kid!!

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