Monday, May 20, 2013

Brazil- Week 3

Woo hoo!! Halfway through a transfer!!! I decided when I got here that I would be able to speak Portuguese after the first transfer....pray for me!! BUT here is my week!!
Monday- This is where my feet problem started. On the way home on the bus (we were far from home) I started having a lot of pain in my left foot. Like when I would take pressure off I would almost start crying- and I have a high pain tolerance! It was bad and so I told Sister Luca that we need to call Presidente because my feet hurt really bad. So we went straight home and I couldn't really explain what was going on to Sister Luca but we called Sister Reber (she is in charge of the sisters) and I explained to her what was going on with my feet and she told Presidente and he said that it could wither be tendonitis or and infection in a blister and that I should go to the Dr just in case and to take 2 ibprofen with every meal (for pain and incase of tendonitis) so I am. And when Sister Carvalho (she speaks English!) returned for the night I explained my pain and what Sister Reber said and she explained it in Portuguese to the other sisters.
Tuesday- Sister Carvalho took me to the Dr and we made an appointment for the next morning. Nothing else really happened that day.
Wednesday- I went to the Dr and she said that there was nothing wrong with my feet and that my problem was because of the material of my shoes and the fact that I am pidgeon toed. She explained that my feet want to roll in and my shoes are trying to fix that and it is causing blisters because I walk all day. She says she wants me to get new shoes with inserts to help my feet, so we went to the insert place and they said that my pidgeon toedness starts in my knees, like my knees are turned in and I don't have a space between them, and inserts are 90 Reals (Reals are double American $s). So we called Sister Reber and she said that Presidente will be in Campo Grande in 2 weeks and he wants to look at my feet before I do anything else. So we are waiting for him. But going to the Dr was a good oportunity to talk about the plan of salvation!! We gave the Dr the PoS pamphlet!! Haha! :)
Thursday- I was senior companion and with Sister Damasceno today because sister Luca and sister Carvalho had STL stuff to do, but it was really fun!! (Senior companion because I am the "real" missionary.) But Sister Damascenno is goofy and motherly at the same time!! Its crazy!! :) But we taught this lady in Sister Damasceno's area and it was really awesome!
Friday- I stayed with sister freitas in her area because she is having womanly issues really bad and couldn't work today so I stayed in their apartment all day with her. It was fun! We just talked about our families and such and we practiced teaching. It really helped a lot!! :)
Saturday- We had an activity at the church with the members, it was fun. We just talked and played a scripture game and then some people sang karokee while we ate. Haha!! But none of our investigators came. It was a sad time. :(
Sunday- So none of our investigators came to church either. It is really a let down. But after church we visited the less active and there was this one lady and no one from the church had visited her in 20 yrs!!!!! How sad is that!!!! And another has no doubt that the church is true but he doesn't like the dicipline? What? And one lady had doubts about the BoM after her baptisim. It is really sad to see these people who felt so clean and happy during their baptism but after doesn't believe anymore! Ughhhhh..... :(
So I hope all is well there. Dad, no more wrecks!! Okay?? And we have one baptism date but she won't come to church!! So they are not progressing very well right now. Its really sad. Especially when I can't understand them to try and help them!! :( Mom, I don't know what I need right now shoes wise because I need to wait for Presidente but socks won't help because it is so hot and I could wear closed toed but I like the sandals better, but I will have more of an idea what I need after I talk to Pres. Reber.
Eu Amo Vocês!!!
Sister Emma Marion

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  1. Well that was a hard letter. I do love all of the details, but wish they were happier details for her sake (and Mom's too). It's amazing to see how much faith and understanding they have at their age and in these situations. I keep telling myself it will serve them well throughout their lives. As a Mom, it's never easy to have your child having a hard time. We love our Sister Marion and prayer for her always.