Monday, May 6, 2013

I made it to BRAZIL!!!

This blog thing is new to me, and I'm behind in posting MTC things, so I'm not going to try to "catch up" with this blog, but I will post some of Emma's letters & pictures from the MTC.

After a LONG traveling day, Emma made it to Brazil.  We had not heard from her all week.  I finally emailed Sister Reber (mission president's wife, pictured here).  She told me that Emma and Sister Puckett (her travel companion and MTC roomie) arrived 2 hours after the rest of the new incoming missionaries, so Emma did not have a chance to email us.  Her first area is in Cuiabá.  Sister Reber reported to me that her and Pres. Reber visited a ward in Cuiabá and was able to hear Emma bear her sweet testimony in sacrament meeting.  She told me that Emma did very well!  Mondays are P-day and she should be able to email us on Mondays!

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  1. Yeah, I am so glad she made it safely to Brazil! I'll let Jake know. Can't wait to read all about it! -- Charla