Monday, May 6, 2013

Brazilian Words of Wisdom from Sister Marion - Week 1

  1. People drive crazy and motorcycles rule the roads. The police don't pull people over so you have to be really careful when you have to cross the street because you will.
  2. The buses are like the Knight Bus on Harry Potter, so be warned!!
  3. Bring a backpack. Satchels hurt your shoulders when you are walking all day with scriptures.
  4. Keep water on you because it is HOT.
  5. While you are home walk everyday. Maybe even in a sauna, because that is what it feels like.
  6. Bring lots of garments because you will shower every night.
  7. Sisters: Bring a lot of comfortable clothes that you can sweat in and be fine yet fashionable.
  8. Bring really comfortable shoes!!
  9. Have a missionary tag clip because the magnetic one will fall off and the pin one makes holes in your shirts. (you can get this at the MTC or at the office in your mission.)
  10. Get the biggest suitcases you can, because small ain't gonna cut it!!

This is my wisdom in my 1 week here! I will share more wisdom every week!!



Sister Emma Marion

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