Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brazil - Week 4

So this week hasn't been that intersting...
Monday- We really just layed around the house and cleaned and then emailed. It was relaxing.
Tuesday- I stayed home with Sister Damasceno because she was sick. I really just studied all day and took a nap. It was really good to have more personal study time. I have found that I really like personal study. This time I studied about the Plan of Salvation and a little about the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. I didn't know that baptism was symbloic of the death and ressurection of Christ. It was really cool to find out! :)
Wednesday- We taught this lady who has a 3 month old baby and is married....and she is 17!!! Brazil really is a whole new world!
Thursday- We had a district meeting and practiced starting lessons. Sister Carvalho was my companion for this and it was really good to practice even though I am really bad at conversation still!! Ugh.
Friday- I was companions with Sister Damasceno today because the other sisters were needed in another area to help the sisters there. So Sis. D and I visited my invest. Maria (who had a baptism date but wouldn't ever go to church) with a member named Lidia. Sadly if Maria doesn't come Sunday we will have to drop her. :(
Saturday- The other sisters baptised a mother and daughter. It was really cool to see and hear a baptism in Portuguese! But I just wish some of my invest. would get baptised. :(
Sunday- So the mother and daughter were confirmed today. It was great, they are so happy. :) But Maria didn't come to church. But another invest. did, his name is Clovis....he played on his phone like the whole time.  We really can't teach him because he lives alone. :| OH crazy story time!!!!! Minha nossa (Goodness!) it was the scariest thing!!! So Sis L and I were walking down a road heading for a home of a reference and I saw this man go into his house but he didn't lock the gate (side note: in Brazil people have a gate in front of their houses and they always lock it, it is very rare to see an open gate). So as we walked past I glanced over and the man was ON THE GROUND HAVING A SEIZURE!!! So I grabbed Sister Luca's arm and she looked over and started yelling for someone to help and 3 ladies ran over and called 911 (idk what #s in Brazil...) and then another guy ran over and started to help. And then the seizure guy starts getting up and they try and stop him but he gets up anyway and has to lean on the guy and a lady because he can't stand on his own. And while this i going on Sister Luca and I went across the treet to a members house to find a preisthood holder but he wasn't there so we called the ward mission leader who lives close by but he was at work so we are like "oh my goodness!!!" and then seizure guy kinda comes to and starts hitting them!! So the lady backs off and the guy kinda does but trys to help still and the seizure guy KICKS HIM in the shin!! So the guy backs off out of the gate and tells us to back off too so we all do and eventually the guy just walks into his house like nothing happened!!! But I think later the guy came back and took siezure guy to the hospital. It was the CRAZIEST thing!!! Minha nossa.
Monday- So I will include today because it is almost over anyway...So Sisters Carvalho and Luca are going to Dorados(where SIS Puckett is!) to check on them and so I am with Sister D and we went to Banderiantes to hang out with the other sisters and a member in their ward does massages professionallly and she OFFERED TO GIVE US ONE!! It was soooo great!!!! <3

Sister Emma Marion

One month in Brazil

Sister Marion and Sister Damasceno
Sister D is like a ward missionary but serving with full time sisters.  Currently there are about 15 sisters in the Cuiaba mission, but I'm told that by October there will be 30!!  Sister Luca and Carvalho are equivalent to Zone Leaders.  They train the sisters in the mission.  Sister Luca is Emma's assigned companion. 

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  1. I read this entire letter hearing Emma's voice. It's just so HER! LOL Love and miss her. What about her feet??