Monday, July 1, 2013

Brazil - Week 9

Sooo here's my week!!

Tuesday- We bought this coffee replacement called 'cevada' (barley) for our investigator family. Its really gross. Its black and stinks and tastes horrible!!! Even with milk and sugar. But hey whatever works for baptism right!! Especially if they like it. But I think only Marcos likes it....
Wednesday- We had a District meeting. It was really good, we practiced baptismal invites, like if the person says no you ask them why. When they give their reason you tell them you understand and then promise blessings and testify and then ask again and they will usually say yes!! It was cool. :)
Thursday- So one of the members in our ward here (bishop's son) left today for his mission in Rio! Everyone is so excited for him!!!! Welllll probably not so much his girlfriend.....but hey!! He will come back closer to God and be able to bless his future family more, right!! :)
Friday- So today was interesting only because yesterday we got a phone call from our ZLs (whose ward shares our building so their area touches ours) and they said that they did a street contact and got this lady, Rosali, to commit to baptism and then they found out that she lives in Jardim Aeroporto which is in our area! So we have another person set for baptism!! Haha. It was way cool. SO we went to go visit her today and she lives with her sister, who has had the 1st lesson but has never been to church, and her 2 daughters and 1 baby boy. So we were talking to them and it turns out that she has already been to church, she hates coffee and knows that smoking is really bad for you so she doesnt do it (she even told her sister "yeah you really need to stop." about smoking and coffee)!! We are super excited!!!
Saturday- So today Sister Luca's feet were hurting (yeah, I know we can't not have someone with feet pain!! nossa!) so we stayed home for a while but then we went to the house of Marcos and talked about his baptism tomorrow!!!! :D

Sunday- BAPTISM!!!!! :D WOO HOO!!! It was sooo great!!! After church was over we had the baptism and it was so cool, he was so happy! But his son didn't come so we will try for next week!! But his mom was there!! Woo hoo!! And after lunch we went home again because of Sister Luca's feet but after an hour of that we went to Jardim Aeroporto but we couldn't work becasue there was a soccer game on.....Brasil v Spain. It was very important. Nossa. It was sooo crazy!! Everytime Brasil scored the world expólded!!! People set off a firework, set off their cars, and people were screaming "GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!" So S. Luca and I sat on a bus stop bench and planned for the next week. Haha. But then we went home because after the game was over (yes Brasil won. and I know this because it was double the craziness for a goal 0.0) people were partying and drinking. And who can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost when they are drunk??
Monday- We stayed home! :) And it rained (its has rained like everyday this week!!!!! And the rain here is sooo crazy because of the wind!! If I wasn't in the middle of South America I would think there was a hurricane a commin'!!) so it was really great to just lay curled up in bed!! But then we got up, ate and then cleaned our house. :)

Eu amo vocês muito!!! <3
Sister Emma Marion
Marcos and his mom


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