Monday, July 15, 2013

Brasil - Week 11

So this week was interesting.....
Tuesday- sister Luca and I went to Jardim Italia and did contacts and it was SO cool!! We went to the top of this one street and sister Luca and i were talking about how we were going to contact and this lady was staring at us like we were strange (talk about strange though she is like 8 months pregnant and smoking!) and so we went to the end of the road and Sister Luca thought we were going to leave but I thought we were going to start at the end because of the lady so after that confusion she went to the first house we saw and clapped and this lady answered and we said "oí nos somos missionárias da igreja de jesus cristo (she starting to smile at this point) dos santos dos últimos dias." and by now she is full out smiling and she says "Oh eu amo vocês!! Quer entrar?" So when she says this of course we say yes and enter and as we are walking in we look at each other like "did this really happen?!" So we enter and start talking to her and turns out the some elders taught her before and then she moved and she actually said "i'm not baptized and I can tell you why" she then goes on to tell us how she liked this guy but married another but the marriage was horrible and so she divorced him and then randomly one day she found the guy she liked and he is like the love of her life but he goes to another church and that is why she isnt baptized. She then told us "but I know it is god's will that I get baptized in your church." 0.0 So we are now working with her on the importance of marriage. Then on the way home we knocked on another door and this lady answered and we talked with her for a while and turns out that her mom, neice and husband have all died. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and we were talking more and she told us that she hasnt ever been baptized and only goes to the church jehovah's witness(i think) because of her daughter. 0.0 We are also working with her. :)
Wednesday- Sister Luca and I did more contacts and meet like 3 Jehovah's Witness!! They are neighbors....
Thursday- I was with SIster Marinho because Sister Luca and Carvalho had a division with Bandarantes. We had some great lessons. With one of their invest. we just read 1 Nephi 3 with them and explained it and focused on 1 Nephi 3:7 and commandments. It was really good! :) And then we went to a members house because it was her birthday and I ended up singing hymns for them in English and Portuguese. It was really cool. :) I sang How Great Thou Art, Count Your Blessings, and Nearer My God to Thee. It was great and you could really feel the Spirit and there was nonmembers there. :)
Friday- We went and taught a new invest. and her daughter the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. It was really great and they have member friends, they are actually referrals from their member friends! :)
Saturday- We helped pass out flyers for Mãos Que Ajudam(Helping Hands) it was really fun it was about how to help prevent Dengue. And after we had an activity with the youth and we just talked about missionary work and what they can do and practiced doing contacts with them. It was really fun and this week we will have divisions with them too. :)
Sunday- We got a new invest.! Marcelo. He was an invest. of the Elders but he lives in our area and already has a baptism date, this saturday! Woo hoo!!! So we will visit him soon and keep him going!!!
Monday- So I am with Sister Marinho (S. Luca and S. Carvalho are in Dourados) and we are going to go to Centro and go shopping!! :) And then we are going to visit Marcelo.
In other news:
Marcos is doing great. He was at church this sunday too, it really helps that he has a member friend! But his parents and son don't want to be baptized and weren't at church this week. So maybe they just need other missionaries.
-- Sister Emma Marion

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