Monday, July 22, 2013

Brasil - Week 12

Woo hoo!!! No actually this week was kinda bad....

Monday- I was with S. Marinho because of the division in Dourados and we had 2 lessons planned and they both fell through and we had no contacts. It was bad....BUT shopping was fun!! :) I got new flip flops and earrings and stuff I need for studying (school supplies hehe) and we ate at Burger King (which is better in the states....) and then we got churros which are super here. The inject them with dulce de leite and chocolate! <3 Soooo goooood!!!! :)
Tuesday-Wednesday- Yeah there really was that little. We tried dividing our time and visiting both areas but we really just ended up visiting her people. And then when the sisters got back S. Carvalho went straight to the bathroom because she was sick. So then S. Luca took her to the hospital and they said it was probably just food poisining or a stomach bug. But yeah....not fun.
Thursday- S. Carvalho still wasn't feeling well and S. Marinho had people to visit again so I stayed home and studied. Woo hoo!! It was especially good since I had a sore throat. :/
Friday- Saturday- So my sickness continued and the sisters thought it might be a cold and so S. Carvalho gave me some cold medicine....and then I bought some....ugh.
Sunday- So today I gave a talk in church.....actually I wrote it thursday and then I left it at home!!!! :'( BUT I remembered parts of what I wrote and so I prayed really hard and I got up there and just went for it. It was great! It was about a story in the Liahona from Sep. 2011(or 2012 dont remember) called Friend Missionary. I talked about how we can all do this because we all have friends and with our example we can help others find the light of Christ that everyone is searching for. And how we need to invite our friends to church. Then after church we visited this lady who was a contact of our ZLs and as I was reciting the 1st vision and she started tearing up!! It was a GREAT lesson!! :) Then we were doing door contacts and I went to this one door and when they opened the door it was this man and woman. I couldn't really say much because I had the strangest feeling like I knew the man! It was really odddd!!!! But they said we can come back so we will!!!! :D AND THEN we went to Ansio's (ward mission leader) house and waited for news of our transferes......*drum rolllll*

I recieved a transfere to Pioneiros(Pioneers in English) and my new companion is Sister Freitas!  We are actually opening the area for sisters!!! So I will be in the first set of sisters in this ward!!! But I'm gonna need lots of prayers. S. Freitas is from the north so her accent is really strong and she is sometimes hard to understand.  :/ BUT woo hoo!!!! :D

Side note from mom: Emma is transferring to the next stake.  She is still in Campo Grande area.  I'm not sure if this is in the same zone or if she is in the other Campo Grande zone,  Emma isn't easy to get info from.

Oh and the dog story:  I had asked Emma about this story because I found out she told a friend of hers the story and didn't tell us. 
Sooo we went to visit this new investigator and her gate was open(every one has gates like as tall as the house gates and they are always closed) and we stopped in front and were like "oh is she here? should we clap?" and then her dog came and was watching us and then I thought Sister Luca told me to clap so I'm like oh okay and so I went closer to the house and clapped and then the dog freaks out like psycho crazy probably has rabies and so I back off and he chases me back into the street and I sstaart running a bit and Sister Luca is like "no! dont run!" and she is like walking fast like close to running and as we are basically running away from this psycho dog we hear our investigator coming to the door but because of our fear of the dog we kept going. it was really crazzzy and an adrineline rush!! BEWARE OF THE DOGS!!! 0.0

Sister Marion, Sister Luca, Sister Marinho, and Sister Carvalho with the ward mission leader, Aniso, his wife Adelia and their daughter (in pink sweater), Ester. This was taken the night of the transfer call.

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