Monday, July 29, 2013

Brasil - Week 13


Monday- We arrived at our new house in Pioneiros (we live close to the bus stop, like buses that go all over mato grosso and mato grosso do sul. when we are transferred to a new area not in the same city we go to this bus stop.) and this new house is actually not very good. It was an Elder house for 4 years and it shows. I will send pictures but everything is dirty. We even have shoe prints on the ceiling. And what makes it worse is my companion and her family are big on cleaning. Like her brothers make their beds in the morning and wash their own clothes, everything. And because of this I had to explain to her that normally teenage boys don't clean very much. Especially when on P-Day they can go play soccer and not clean. Its been hard for her, but we are going to clean soon.
Tuesday- We started working in our new area and realized that we don't know where anything is, members included. But when we had lunch with a member we asked for a referral and she not only gave us one but went with us to teach. It was great!! We then spent the day finding where the market is and a lan house ect. And then the Elders called and said that we have a member that live close by so we found the house and visited and they are really great! The husband, William, is the secretary of the ward and the wife, Jussara, is the Primary pres.! We spent over an hour talking with them because they are really excited to have sisters in the ward and because their son is a recent RM! Woo hoo!!
Wednesday- While we were with Jussara and William they told us that every Wednesday they have a ward meeting, so we went today and met the Bishop it was really good everyone is sooo excited for sisters!! 
Thursday- We were visiting a inactive member and a member, Cinésio, call and asked if we wanted to have dinner with him and his family and then do contacts in his apartment complex and then they would take us home, so of course we said yes! They are really cool!! And after dinner we visited a inactive member with his wife, Tânia. And then they took us home!! 
Friday- We had lunch with Cinésio and Tânia and actually he call us and said, "Oh Sisters, I live far away from your house and so if you will meet me at the bus station I will give you a ride to my house and then drop you back off." Of course we said okay! ;) But when we met him it was only him in the car and so we polietly told him that we couldn't because of our rules and that we would walk and meet him at his house. So he left and we started walking and like 5 minutes later he called and asked where we were so we told him and he said "okay wait there I get my wife and we will pick you up." and we were like aww no its not a problem we can walk! And we kept walking and then he drives up with his wife!! So we rode with them to their house and then after lunch the drove us back to the bus station! How great are they!! 
Saturday- We taught this lady who doesn't really believe in God or was kind of hard but we talked a lot about faith and how he is her Father in Heaven and that he loves her. In the end she said she would try and pray. And when we were leaving we noticed that she has 2 tatoos with a celtic design and S. Freitas didn't understand and so Vanessa(the lady we taught) explained that it was the tree of life and so we ended up teaching a bit about the Book of Mormon and gave her one and marked 1 Nephi 8 (tree of life chapter) for her to read. Hehe. And told her that if she has any questions to call us. 
Sunday- Minha nossa!! Our ward is great!! It is small but the leadership rocks!! After sacrament meeting (which they have at the end) all the leadership gets together for 5 minutes and talk about their goals for the week, including how many people gave referrals to the missionaries and how we can get more, how many inactives were at church and their names, how many investagators and their names, how many baptisms, and how many people were in sacrament meeting. It was really great!!!! It really helps when the leadership and the members work with the missionaries!! 
Monday- I will go ahead and talk about today because it is almost over. We are just cleaning the house today. It needs a lot of work and love. :(
Te amo!!! <3
Sister Emma Marion

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