Monday, July 8, 2013

Brazil - Week 10

Tuesday- We had a scare. We went to the house of Marcos (who just got baptized but haasn't been confirmed yet) and he told us that he was going with a friend of his to another church because the Pastor there said he had a revelation for him....0.0 So we talked to him for 2 hours about the Holy Ghost. Haha.
Wednesday- Sister Carvalho was sick and they had a family close to baptism so I stayed home with her and Sister Luca went with Sister Marinho. And while I was home I studied my Blessing and I really learned a lot. I especially read about the Word of Wisdom. And I talked to Sister Carvalho about it too (because she lived in the States and understands better) and we read together  D&C 89 and we realized that herbal tea is good for us. Because we have one verse that talks only about how herbs are for the body. And she told me that in Brasil most of the tea is really just herbal tea. So it is different.
Thursday- We went to visit with Marcos's mom, Iracema, and invite her to be baptized too. It wwas really good and we really felt the Spirit....but she said no. Because she doesn't want to get baptized without her husband, Francisco.
Friday- We went and visited Francisco to invite him to be baptized. Haha. And it too was really good. But he also said no because he wants to learn more first. He was a pastor but he is bem legal!! He reads a lot in the BOM and he likes to study it and already has a testimony of it, we just have to work more with him....
Saturday- We had a "Festa Julina"!!! Woo hoo!! Its basically like a Harvest Festival...but the little kids dress up soo cute!! The boys use jeans and a flannel button down and boots and a straw hat and they draw mustaches! And the girls haave their hair in pigtails with bows and wear ruffelly dresses and paint rosey cheeks and freckles!! It is way cute!!
Sunday- Marcos was confirmed!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! and his son Samuel came to church and we are going to try and baptize him next week!!! :D

Sister Emma Marion
Emma's way of celebrating the 4th of July in Brazil!!


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