Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brazil - Week 31

Tuesday- So today we visited with Danilo and then Eunezi. The only problem with Danilo now is we are thinking that he is using again. Its really sad. 

Wednesday- So today we got this member, Erica(who is preparing to serve a mission), and we went to this place.....its like a park but there isn't really any grass or toys for kids to play on.....BUT we went there and we did contacts and passed out BoMs and pamphlets about the restoration and Gospel of Christ and the plan of salvation. We left with 12 addresses and 7 lessons!! 

Thursday- We did weekly planning and then visited with this new investigator, Isabel, and her family. Turns out that she has a daughter who lives in Spain and found the Elders there but never had time to visit with them because she was coming here. At the same time in Brazil her mom told us to come back the next week because her daughter would be here!! It was so destiny for her to talk with the missionaries!! So we taught her the 1st lesson and we will teach her as much as we can before she goes back to Spain and then we will let the elders there know where to find her and what is need to get baptized!! :)

Friday- So today we had one of the best lessons!! We found this lady Wednesday and she really wanted us to visit and so we did today and turns out she is like Joseph Smith!!! Really confused about which church to join!! So when we were teaching her we focused more on Joseph and compared him to her. It was so spiritual that Sister Gonçalves cried....and then Luciana did too!! 

Saturday- We visited with an inactive member, Palmira. It actually took us a little over an hour to find this lady's road. It was SUPER frustrating!!! We almost quit but we were so mad that the anger actually gave us the determination to find the road. Then it started raining. And we left our umbrellas at home. So we were angry, tired, and wet. BUT then we found it!! So we talked with her and then left for our other appointment....which fell through...so we went with plan B. His name is Paulo and he is a pastor....BUT he was sleeping because he prayed all night long....so we talked with his "friend" who is a missionary for ANOTHER church but is staying with Paulo. So we talked with him and gave him a BoM. It was actually good. He really liked when we quoted the bible and I knew the reference correctly. ;) Thank you seminary!! 

Sunday- We helped Luci-Mar work on her family tree on familysearch it was great!! I really love family history!! We then had a ward council meeting and then we were doing contacts after and we met this kid named Elder.....yeah seriously his name is legally Elder and no he isn't a member...yet. ;) But him and his family are super great!! We are really excited to teach them!! They already agreed to go to church Sunday!! We then needed one more lesson with a member so we went home and called an ex-investigator, Adrielle. And we just talked a bit with her and then we passed the phone to João Pedro(he is a member of another ward but his girlfriend lives in the house in front of ours) and he started talking a bit with her and then he just marked her to be baptized this next Sunday!!!! :o So lets see next week what will happen!! :)
Sister Emma Marion

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