Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brazil - Week 32

Monday- So we went to the stake center with our zone and we ate pizza and planned what we will do for the Christmas Conference talent show. It was great we decided on doing a "play" about 2 elders at Christmas time having a hard time and then in the end the dress up like Santa and sneak into their investigators house and leave them Christmas presents! Its going to be REALLY funny!!! :) Then when we got back to work we did contacts and we found this kid named Elder. 0.o But he's really cool and they want to learn about the church!!! 

Tuesday- We met a new family, Alexandra and Jonny! They have 2 daughters and a son! They are super awesome!! We actually stayed talking to them for 2 hours......but it turned out to be a great blessing because they already trust us and we know better what they need and how to work with them! We are so excited to visit with them again!! :) We then went to do contacts with a member and that turned out to be a waste of time....because she was scared to talk and she brought her boyfriend with her....who is leaving soon for a was complicated...

Wednesday- So we marked an appointment but it fell through so we went to visit with Luci-mar and Jeanny and we ended up staying there all day helping out with the household chores because Jeanny still can't do much and Luci-mar is just as tired as Jeanny because she gets up at night to help with the baby so we helped her do laundry, wash dishes, and iron clothes. It was an all day thing but it was great!!

Thursday- So we had our mission tour today!!! It was GREAT!! I learned a lot and it was fun! Elder Gavarret was the area 70 there! He's awesome! We didn't get a chance to take pictures because a lot of people had to catch the bus but Sister Reber took pictures of every one's zone so she should post them on her blog one of these days.... :)

Friday- So we did our weekly planning today because of the mission tour Thursday. But then that night there was a church dance that they wanted us to help with so we went and got a new investigator out of it!! :D Her name is Josiane and she has a daughter named Clara! They are really sweet and Josiane told us that her door is always open to us...lets just hope that her heart is too!! ;)

Saturday- We went to the end of our area today to visit with an inactive member who's husband recently had surgery. It was good to talk to her and we are hoping that we can help her get back to church!! She has been inactive for 8 months. :( We then went to the church for a baby shower. We actually were in charge of the we drew little people and hid them in the church and had the ladies find them and who ever found the family that matched Eliliane's family (only a mom, dad and a baby) won. So we made little certificates that said "Worlds Greatest Mom for finding an eternal family" (but if they weren't a mom yet we gave her on that said in the future). And we read Alma 56:47 with them;
"Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the 
liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their 
mothersthat if they did not doubt, God would deliver them."
It was really great! :) There was one lady that cried!! :D Haha you know its a great lesson when someone starts crying!! 

Sunday- So when we got to church we hung up a poster that had a picture of our baptisms in the ward and we wrote "Referrals bring baptisms" and then under the picture we wrote out
D&C 84:110 "Also the body hath need of every memberthat all may be edified together, 
that the system may be kept perfect." and we left a space where they can write their referrals. We are hoping that this will bring some results..... :/ We then went back home and finished our weekly planning and had personal study!! 


Sister Emma Marion


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