Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brazil - Week 34

Monday- We practiced our skit. Its going to be great!!! :)

Tuesday- CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE!!! :D It was soo much fun!! We started out with a short training about using the Book of Mormon and the importance of our investigators having a testimony of the BoM. Then we recited our scriptures(I read D&C 121:7 in Portuguese it reads "Meu filho, paz seja tua alma. Teu adversidade e teus aflições não durão mais de que um momento." in English "My son, peace be unto your soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment.") after that we gave the pictures of our baptisms and they put them on the wall and then we did our skits! It was super fun!! After that we went to the restaurant next door and had lunch! When we finally got home it was late so we updated our area book. 

Wednesday- We had a split today. Sister Gonçalves went to Coxipo with Sister Carvalho and I stayed here with Sister Clark(she is from Idaho). It was great! We taught this lady who owns an ice cream shop (yes I bought ice cream too ;) ). Her name is Demaris. It was an awesome lesson!! We previously gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she tried to read but she needs glasses but her husband is reading it!! We are really excited!! 

Thursday- We did our weekly planning and then we visited a new investigator and we met her "husband" (I use " " because they really aren't married legally....) and her friend who lives there and her "husband". It was cool but she works at a grocery store called Bom Jesus and with Christmas her hours are crazy so its going to be hard to visit with her....but she seems interested....then when we got home Edilaine gave us a chocolate chip Panetone!! ITS SO GOOD!! :)

Friday- 9 MONTHS!!!!! :D We celebrated by doing contacts!!! It was actually really awesome! We found this family (who are legally married!!!!!) and they are pretty interested in learning!! So we just talked with them and answered their questions and we will go back later and actually teach them!! Their names are Jairo and Kélyce (Kelsey) and they have two daughters! We also got a referral a from the Stake President whose name is Maria das Dores (or Dora) so we went and visited her and she is super awesome and already loves the church and the book of mormon but she isn't baptized yet because her husband needs some help accepting the church. So we've got some work to do!! 

Saturday- So I had a bit of a cold today so we actually spent most of the day at home so I could sleep. But that night (after taking cold medicine and sleeping all day) I felt a lot better so we went to the ward christmas dinner! It was really fun!! They started out with a christmas spiritual message and then we ate!

Sunday- So after church we spent just about all day at home studying and finishing this "puppet show" to teach the plan of slavation to the children that were recently baptzed! But then we had an appointment with a new investigator and ended up using it for her! It was cute!! :) I'll send pictures of it next week!!

Monday- I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON AGAIN!!! This book really is the BEST book I have EVER read!!!! And as everyone knows I LOVE to read!! :) 
Sister Emma Marion
First present

First present = yummy loaf of chocolate bread

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