Monday, December 16, 2013

Brazil - Week 33

Monday- we went to the stake center to practice our skit. It is going to be AWESOME!! I will try and get a video of it!! will all be in Portuguese.....haha! I just think it is SO cool that I speak a second language!! Its crazy!! BUT we then went back home and did a service project for the members in front. Its a good thing mom and dad had me wrap presents so much at Christmas time because I used that talent and I also helped make origami paper boxes to use! ;)

Tuesday- So today we went in search of inactive mission age/almost mission age young men. We weren't able to talk with any but we will try again later. Then at 5:30we made an appointment with Marcelo and Rafael (2 members) at our old house for them to take apart our closets and bring them to our new house and put them back together! They ACTUALLY showed up at like 7:30/ was sad and wasted our day. BUT now we have closets and I can stop living in my suitcase!! haha! 

Wednesday- We went to another neighborhood in search of these young men and found a woman named Dalva. She is super awesome and agreed to be baptized!! :D But we have some work to do with her because she doesn't want to be baptized without her husband but he is never home.... :/ So we're prayin' and doing all we can! 

Thursday- We did another service project for the members in was coloring so no biggie there!! XD But after luch we went back home and did weekly planning!! We then got Railson (13yr old member here...he's already preparing for a mission haha) to do contacts with is. It was great!! He loved it! He was so excited!! :) 

Friday- So we tried to have lessons today but on one was home!!! :( But we found 1 inactive young man named Eduardo. It was good to visit with him, I hope he comes back. He needs the good influence of the church....he has already been to juvie....but after that we went to visit Luci-mar and Jeanny and we ended up staying there for a while and washed her dishes so Jeanny could take care of the baby and Luci-mar take care of them both. But we did get 8 contacts in today! :D

Saturday-We went to the end of the world today.... xP To walk there its like 3 hours. The neighborhood is called Unipark. But it was longer today because we went to another place first adn didn't know how to get there so logically we got lost and went the long way....but we finally found it!! But most of our day was walking. 

Sunday- So we visited with this new investigator named Rita today and her 2 kids. It was great! Thye really want to learn and visit the church. Rita needs to get married first but she wants to be baptized. THat is actually the biggest problem one get married. They just live 50 yrs together and call it marriage! But it is actually expencive to get married. Its like R$248.....($107.18) and the day you pay it all you have to wait 35 days and then you can get married on the first friday or saturday. 0.o Its crazy here! 

Sister Emma Marion

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