Monday, December 30, 2013

Brazil - Week 35

Tuesday- First off I taught Sister Gonçalves "Christmas Eve Gift." Hehe ;) Then the Relief Society president invited us and the Elders over to her house for a Christmas Eve family home evening and dinner! It was really great! President had opened the night (if we were with members and had a ride home) so we didn't have a bed time!! Woo hoo!! ;) Yeah we stayed with them until 12am......we were really tired. :( But it was really fun! 

Wednesday- CHRISTMAS!!!! We had lunch far away but then we went to Iolanda's house(relief society pres) and Sister Gançalves called her family then we went to Kelson's house and used Skype!!! :D But I had such a headache afterwards so we went home and SLEPT!!!! Haha that was our Christmas!! ;)
(I asked Emma why she had a headache after talking to us. She said because she had to concentrate so much on speaking English! - Cindy)

Thursday- We had weekly planning then we visited the mom of a member, Inêz. She was really excited that there is Sisters here again but she "doesn't have time" to go to church.....but she is really nice. and we planned a service project at her house for Saturday!

Friday- We had a district meeting it was fun! We had to find chocolate! Haha!! Then after lunch all of our appointments fell through and Sister Gonçalves felt like we should visit with Luci-mar because she wasn't at church we went and helped out there and talked to her and she said that she will come to church Sunday!!

Saturday- We visited with this really nice family, Jonie, Rosie, Talita, Talis, and Thaigo. They are really great. Only problem is Jonie likes to drink and doesn't think there is a reason for him to stop. But they made us dinner and we talked and he said that he would go to church if we went to his......ugh. We explained that we didn't want to and now I don't think he will come....

Sunday- So we gave a last minute lesson at church....Kelson told us to teach what we have been studying....welllll we have been studying the Law of we taught that!! Haha! And Luci-mar and Jeanny came to church!! It was really great!! :) After church we spent all night doing contacts with Erika, she is preparing to serve a mission!! :D

Monday- We got my package!!!! :D Thanks everyone soooo much!! I loved it!! <3 Y'all are the best!!! :)
Sister Emma Marion
Bookmark given to the missionaries from President & Sister Reber for Christmas

Christmas decorations made of bottles, in the local park

Emma titled this "Christmas present to ME"

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