Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 44 - Cáceres, Brazil

Monday- So this week was a bit more.....relaxed haha. Today we visited with our baptism, Jadelson. And gave him a Book of Mormon and explained it to him. He promised to read it. :)

Tuesday-  So today Jussara called and asked us to go to her school so I could speak English to her students. So we went and I talked in English (which was a bit difficult....haha) and talked about the church too!! It was really cool! :) The students were so amazed haha AMERICAN 8o Also Sister Huayhuas got to talk to the students learning Spanish. :)

Wednesday- Today we had our district meeting and the ZLs came to talk to us....and they brought me my Christmas package form the Relief Society haha! Thanks!!! :) And then we all went and had lunch together at Jussara's :) 

Thursday- So today we visited with Geovan!!! It went really well! We just talked to him about why he didn't want to accept a baptismal date and what we could do to help him and talked about the blessing he will recieve because of being the end he promised to pray about being baptized on March 8th. :)

Friday- So today we had to look at prices for a new washing machine so that took all day looking in all of the stores to find the cheapest.....but then we taught seminary. :) 

Saturday- So we were looking through some papers we found and we found a phone number to a girl that wasn't ever baptized but her parents are members. So we called and her dad, Walter, answered and told us that she doesn't live with him anymore and we started talking and he said that he lives in a city that doesn't have the church. But that he really wants missionaries there so that they can have the gospel. He told us that he just knows that if President Reber would let missionaries there just for 1 day that they would find a lot of people to teach. He also told us that on the 11th and 12th he will be here in Cáceres and asked if we could give him some Book of Mormons to give away! So we are going to try and meet with him and give him some and also the Restoration video and Finding Faith in Christ and Joy to the World. :) And I called President and talked to him about this city and he wants to talk to Walter!! :) 

Sunday- Geovan told us that he accepts our invite to be baptized on the 8th!!!!! :D We are SUPER HAPPY!!!!  :D He has a girlfriend who is a member and so she is really happy too!! Everyone is happy!!! Woo hoo!!! :D Geovan has a strong spirit and I know that this is going to be a HUGE blessing to LOTS of people!!!! (He also is mission age!!! ...Well below the limit!!) 

Sister Emma Marion
Ruth & Diego: getting married in the States. Diego will be going to BYU-I!

District Leaders and Zone Leaders

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