Monday, March 17, 2014

Brazil - Week 46

Monday- So when we got home we spent the rest of the night washing clothes. :/ But we managed to wash them all!!! But then it started raining...... :( SO my brilliant companion grabbed our plastic bags and we cut them open and made a tarp to put over the clothes so they could dry!!!!! Haha it worked!! :)

Tuesday- So it kept raining today so I grabbed my rain boots and coat and off we went to lunch!! It was a brilliant idea on my part! The road was SUPER muddy! But then after lunch we ran home grabbed an over night bag and got on a bus for Cuiabá!! We got there about 6pm and went to the mission office and stayed there until 8pm when Sisters Carbalho and Ribero got there and then we all got in a member's car and went to another sister's house in Morada da Serra (that's in cuiabá). 8 sisters ended up sleeping there!!! Haha and only 1 bathroom!! Then 2 sisters took showers and then we ran out of water!! :( So I took a bath using water in a bucket!! Haha! It was an adventure!!!

Wednesday- We had our sister conference, it was really cool!! :) All of the sisters in the North got together in Cuiabá and had like a district meeting. We had trainings and then lunch. :) After that we got to ride with President and Sister Reber in their car to Cáceres! :) It was fun. 

Thursday- So we had our interviews with President Reber....I just feel so re-energized after talking to him! :) Then after lunch we went to our appointment but when we got there she said that something came up and she didn't have time today... :/ Then we had seminary and then we went and visited with Rubens.....

Friday- So after lunch we tried to find a house of a new investigator BUT she didn't know the address.....just directions.....we couldn't find it... :/ we even called her but she didn't answer. :( So we went to the church and had our weekly planning....and then I started sneezing a lot and feeling we went home after. And all night I was SO HOT but Sister Huayhuas said that my body was was really strange...I felt so hot that even with the air conditioner on I had to have a fan blowing on me so I could sleep.

Saturday- I spent all day in bed sleeping and drinking lots of water!! But that night the elders had a baptism so I got up my strength and we went...its good that we did because it was a last minute baptism and no one of the members knew.....just the branch pres. and one of his counselors!!! But the walk from our house to the church (15/30 minutes) at night I was SO tired afterwards and sweating like I ran!!! It was sad. :( But we went home afterwards and I went back to sleep!!

Sunday- I felt SO much better!! We went to church and then after lunch we had an address from the branch of a member that is inactive but no one knows if she was still living there so off we went on the search......the address doesn't exist! :( But we managed to do a few contacts and mark 2 baptismal dates!! :D So it wasn't a wasted day!! Then the elders called and said that we have to go to Cuiabá Monday afternoon for a Zone meeting Tuesday! :/

Sister Emma Marion
Emma has a new friend!

Fog Togs poncho and rubber boots are the new style for sister missionaries in Brazil!
(see Tuesday entry)

The Tuiuiu bird

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